Thursday, May 31, 2007

National Journal Reports That Larry Forgy Appears Ready To Run Against Mitch McConnell

This is truly great news for conservatives not only across the Commonwealth, but across the United States. John Mercurio of the National Journal is writing that it appears Larry Forgy will announce he is running against Mitch McConnell for the U.S. Senate:
In fact, Republicans are having more luck drawing candidates into intraparty primary battles than targeted Democratic races. In Nebraska, state Attorney General Jon Bruning is eyeing a challenge to Sen. Chuck Hagel. In Kentucky, Republicans loyal to Gov. Ernie Fletcher, who fought back a primary challenger who had been quietly backed by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, are trying to draft wealthy attorney Larry Forgy to run against McConnell. Early reports are that Forgy, the party's 1995 gubernatorial nominee, appears willing to do so.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fletcher Set To Pick Forgy-Ally Steve Robertson As GOP Chairman

Great news for Kentucky Conservatives! Reports are that Governor Fletcher will appoint Steve Robertson, a close advisor to Forgy, as the new Republican Party chairman, allowing Larry Forgy to further the groundwork for a primary run against Mitch McConnell. Robertson is a stellar operative who was also a key strategist on Alice Forgy Kerr's Congressional race. The Lexington Herald Leader reported earlier in the week:
One possibility, Steve Robertson, now heads up the Governor's Office of Local Development. Robertson worked closely with former party chairman Ellen Williams and led a voter targeting effort for state Sen. Alice Forgy Kerr's campaign for Congress in 2004.
Update: Remember to keep in mind the last few weeks of Alice Forgy Kerr's special election campaign when McConnell and the Louisville liberals try and put a spin the Robertson news that it is somehow not a blow to McConnell. You will be hard-pressed to find a Lexington-area Conservative that will constradict the longstanding stories that McConnell actively pulled the rug out from under Robertson and Forgy Kerr in the closing weeks when he believed she would fall short, because McConnell wanted to protect some of his favored local candidates. Once again, Mitch McConnell undermining the Kentucky Republican Party.

American Enterprise Institute Says Mitch McConnell Is Lowering Election Expectations

If the American Enterprise Institute is correct, it sounds like Mitch McConnell is even starting to publicly doubt his own reelection changes. This is why we need a true Conservative to win in 2008:
The continuing unpopularity of the war explains Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-Ky.) tempered expectations for the 2008 election. He believes that it will be tough for Republicans to make gains. The House will be similarly difficult.

Newt Gingrich: A True Conservative Idealist

As Republican Senate leader in 2006, Mitch McConnell led our party to a historically monumental defeat. Why? Because he lacks any original ideas. McConnell cowtows to special interest groups that can help him stay in power, even if it means spending more government funds than John Edwards in a beauty salon (thanks to Gov. Huckabee for that line). However, Conservatives may soon have a choice in Newt Gingrich, who has a mind of his own. Walter Shapiro writes:
While Gingrich's puffed-up persona and tangled marital history are easy to mock, the former speaker has long been the most intellectually intriguing figure on the Republican right. These days, most conservative politicians (Tom DeLay, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell) lack ideas; Gingrich suffers from having too many of them. It is important to realize that many Republicans hail Gingrich as a visionary, much as Al Gore is lionized by Democrats.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Right Wing News Endorses Larry Forgy Over Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell received a strong message today from Right Wing News that he has lost their support in 2008:

While I was on vacation, our mediocre leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, who happily (because we may have a chance to get rid of him) is up for reelection in 2008, had this to say about the Senate's immigration bill,

"I don't think there's a single member of either party next year who is going to fail to be re-elected over this issue."

Of course, a guy who's that politically out-of-touch is too incompetent and dumb to be in the Senate, much less Minority Leader, but rather than give him the beating he deserves for 3 or 4 paragraphs, I have three words for you,

Draft Larry Forgy.

I don't know much about the guy, but I do know that he's not Mitch McConnell and that would certainly be a powerful argument in his favor during a 2008 primary race...

American Thinker: "Is Mitch McConnell shafting the base?"

James Lewis raises some very interesting questions, although I don't know if McConnell still deserves the "conservative label." However, the Fred Thompson developments are going to be worth watching, especially after McConnell was quietly pushing the Massachusetts liberal Mitt Romney for President, and even encouraged the rest of Kentucky's Republican delegation to endorse Romney:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is one of the smartest conservatives in the Senate. But on the dangerous immigration bill, he has been silent as the grave. His website is conspicuously silent on immigration.

A wave of conservative outrage against a catastrophic immigration bill might put Fred Thompson at the head of the pack, and carry him into the nomination. It may even boost him into the Presidency in 2008. Senator Mitch McConnell may be allied with former Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee, who has been pushing the Thompson candidacy. Call it the Three Border State Senators, quietly singing the same song.

If the Kennedy-McCain bill is passed, McConnell may jump aboard the Thompson bandwagon. If it is defeated, he may finally come out against it. But what we are seeing today is a disastrous lack of leadership coming from the Senate Republican leaders.

The voters have a right to ask Senator Mitch McConnell where he stands. Is he risking our national security to promote Fred Thompson's candidacy? That's a Machiavellian gambit, not a conservative one.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

"On this solemn day, we pause for a moment to pray with the loved ones of our fallen heroes, and give our gratitude to the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who continue to do us proud. I say to each one of them, 'thank you and God bless.'"

- Senator John McCain

Sunday, May 27, 2007

More Rumblings About 2008

Reports have been circulating for some time that Larry Forgy is not the only Republican considering challenging Mitch McConnell for the nomination in 2008. Former Rep. Steve Nunn has widely been mentioned, and is well known as a 'moderate who has clashed with McConnell in the past. While the more conservative Forgy is clearly the better choice, Nunn would be an interesting candidate, given Mitch McConnell's instrumental role in building a primary challenge to defeat Nunn last year, in retaliation of Nunn's run for governor against McConnell's then-top choice Ernie Fletcher. The Nunn-faction of the Republican Party is apparently infuriated that McConnell ordered Larry Hopkins to invoke the Governor's name in an attack on Larry Forgy:
The party "had been so divided by Louie Nunn (a former governor who backed Forgy) and Larry Forgy, it was just impossible to put back together," Hopkins said.
Remember that Mitch McConnell gave Governor Nunn his word that he would stay neutral during Steve Nunn's race and then backed Ernie Fletcher:
Nunn said McConnell had told him he would remain neutral in the GOP primary, but Fletcher's selection of Bates "gives the appearance that McConnell is right in the middle of all this, and it's contrary to what he has said at least twice to me."
Another extremely intriguing possibility is also on the horizon in the case Forgy does not run, although the National Journal reported this week that Larry Forgy is clearly leaning towards challenging McConnell. Lt. Gov. nominee Robbie Rudolph, who like Forgy can self-finance a campaign, is said to be considering a challenge to McConnell if Fletcher/Rudolph are elected in November. In the unlikely event that millions of California residents flock to the state to thank McConnell for his amnesty bill and Beshear wins, Rudolph will likely step aside for Governor Fletcher to challenge McConnell if Forgy does not run.

Western Kentucky Republicans are also floating rumors that Billy Harper is planning a Senate run even though Harper said in the past this would be his only race. While Harper is a true conservative, let one thing be clear: Larry Forgy will not step aside for someone who undermined our Governor and has not paid his dues.
"It seems like kind of a jump from zero to 100 percent involvement in politics," said Larry Forgy, a former Republican gubernatorial candidate and a Fletcher supporter. "I don't understand him. He doesn't seem to be one of these millionaire egomaniacs."

Mitch McConnell Launches Attacks On Larry Forgy At "Unity Rally" After Republicans Line Up Behind Forgy Challenge

Mitch McConnell scheduled this unity rally when he thought Anne Northup would be the nominee and even paid for the invitations with his own campaign funds. But yesterday, he ordered former Forgy opponent Larry Hopkins to launch the initial blows on Forgy and then McConnell came in himself. The Courier-Journal reports:
And Hopkins said Forgy's ongoing attacks on McConnell may further divide the party and make it more difficult for Fletcher to heal the rift...

McConnell refused to say who he voted for in the primary and added, "I don't have anything to say about Larry Forgy."

Nice try. Larry Forgy has been preaching the need for Republicans to stay unified for over a year, while Mitch McConnell has been backstabbing Governor Fletcher with his puppet Anne Northup, and his team of Louisville liberals that now admit McConnell's support is quickly eroding even among his base of Louisville Republicans:
"People overestimate any one person's ability to mobilize voters," said (Ted) Jackson, who went fishing rather than attend the unity rally. "Senator McConnell is not the solution to Ernie Fletcher's problem in Jefferson County."
It appears the McConnell puppets in Louisville are already trying to cover their base, because they know they are either unwilling or possibly unable to fix the damage they have done to Governor Fletcher in the area. Thankfully, we have Larry Forgy to remind us of what unity is really about and why we need a strong conservative nominee in 2008:

Forgy has said McConnell was responsible for getting Northup into the race against Fletcher -- a claim both McConnell and Northup dispute -- and he said McConnell's re-election in 2008 may depend on it.

"It's not (Ernie Fletcher's) problem. It's Mitch's," Forgy said. "I can guarantee you right now, if the Republican voters of Jefferson County don't turn out for Ernie Fletcher, the voters in the rest of the state who support Fletcher are going to be watching."

Update: When McConnell scheduled the rally over a month ago (thinking it would be for Northup) several supporters of his opponents questioned McConnell's use of federal campaign contributions to pay for a rally to support a statewide candidate. Remember that the maximum contribution for statewide office is $1,000 as opposed to $2,300 for federal office. While I'm sure we will be reading more reports in the near future on the issue, many view McConnell's attacks on Forgy as a way to justify the use of federal funds, after he realized the potential violation. Mitch may have just escaped one here, but come primary election day, he better be scheduling another unity rally to support our 2008 nominee, Larry Forgy.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Warren Scoville Speaks Out On Impending Unity Rally

Words of wisdom from a real conservative: "They (Republican voters) resent the hell out of Mitch McConnell and Jim Bunning leaving the governor when he had some minor problems. Republicans don't like that. Republicans stay hitched."
- Warren Scoville, Laurel County Republican Chairman

Quotes of the Day

Why McConnell must go if we are to bring unity to the Republican Party (from McConnell henchman Jack Richardson IV):

"We've got a divided Republican Party and anyone who suggests otherwise is disingenuous and being untruthful"

"This is his (Governor Fletcher's) problem, not ours," he said. "He's not followed up on any of the wise suggestions that have been made in the past. So he's going to have to figure that out on his own."

Richmond Register Reports The Results Of McConnell's Backstabbing Of Our Governor

Larry Forgy already told Mitch McConnell that he could have put an end to a Forgy Senate campaign if McConnell and his people delivered for Ernie Fletcher. Now Anne Northup and most of McConnell's Louisville liberal faction of the GOP, including Ted Jackson (who is going fishing instead), will not even attend the unity rally. As a result, Governor Fletcher is trailing Steve Beshear among Louisville liberals who voted for Northup and needs to make up ground across the state:
Because that’s what some are questioning in response to the release Friday of a SurveyUSA poll conducted for WHAS-11 Television showing Democratic nominee Steve Beshear with a surprisingly large margin of 28 points. The poll, which many question because of its methodology and use of automated calls, was nevertheless on target in the primary race. It has Beshear ahead 62-34 with 4 percent undecided.

Fletcher’s numbers no doubt suffered from the harsh attacks leveled at him by Republican opponent Anne Northup in the primary while Beshear largely escaped attack in the Democratic primary. Early on, Democratic candidates for governor signed a “unity pledge” that forbade personal attacks against each other. Fletcher won’t be under such restraint.

That shows up in the poll: 86 percent of Democrats are for Beshear while 60 percent of Republicans surveyed are for Fletcher. But in a state where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans, Fletcher needs Democratic votes to win – as he did in 2003 when 125,000 of them voted for him.

Friday, May 25, 2007

New Poll Shows McConnell Can't Win General Election As Majority of Northup Voters Support Beshear

One thing should be clear. Governor Fletcher will win these voters back, but Mitch McConnell and Anne Northup's continued shenanigans are not helping the cause. First, the unity rally was almost cancelled after McConnell and Northup did not offer support. And now Anne Northup will not even attend. What a poor display of integrity. Mitch McConnell and Anne Northup have divided this great party to a point that now only 36 percent of the Northup/McConnell voters are supporting Governor Fletcher. The Republican Party needs a Senate nominee who can unite the party, help Governor Fletcher regain these voters, and lead us to victory in 2008!

Northup Refuses To Attend Unity Rally As Larry Forgy Gears Up Challenge To Mitch McConnell

Larry Forgy told the Louisville liberals that he would be forced to mount a campaign for Senate if Mitch McConnell and Anne Northup refused to rally around our Governor. They simply continue to refuse to listen. Reports are circulating that Ernie Fletcher will name either Larry Forgy or a Forgy-loyalist as chairman of the Republican Party, giving Larry Forgy a great platform to mount a Senate campaign against Mitch McConnell in 2008. From the Lexington Herald Leader:
The two Republicans defeated by Gov. Ernie Fletcher in the GOP primary for governor will not stand beside him during a unity rally scheduled for 6 p.m. Saturday at party headquarters in Frankfort...

Jackson said Northup will not play a role in Fletcher's campaign. "She's not going to take an active role in politics for the foreseeable future," he said.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

WKYT-Lexington Reports On Draft Forgy Efforts

The question should not be whether Larry Forgy will attend the "unity rally." it was Larry Forgy who encouraged Republicans to stay united. The real question people should be answering is if there can even be a unity rally now, and if so, will Anne Northup and Mitch McConnell stand with Governor Fletcher?


A website urging Larry Forgy to challenge U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell in next year’s Republican Primary is getting some national attention. It has also been featured on numerous state political blogs. DraftForgy.Com features quotes from Forgy displaying his agitation with McConnell. Forgy has said the senator hasn’t done enough to help Governor Fletcher. McConnell is calling for a Republican unity rally in Frankfort this Saturday. Will Forgy be there? Even as returns were rolling in Tuesday night, Forgy again called Anne Northup’s campaign…. ‘the work of Mitch McConnell.’ Both parties have some healing to do after a factional primary season.

National Review Picks Up On Benedict Arnold McConnell And The Larry Forgy Surge

The outcry from conservatives here at home has made waves on the national scene as the National Review is the latest outlet to carry a piece on Mitch McConnell undermining the conservative movement:
The race has national significance in at least two ways. First, it's the highest-profile office in the country this year in which a Democrat stands a good chance of unseating a Republican incumbent. Second, Kentucky's two U.S. senators were part of the Fletcher-Northup story.
There is a way to stop the Democratic momentum in the Commonwealth. Elect Larry Forgy, a true conservative, as our nominee in 2008.

Governor Fletcher Considers Cancelling Mitch McConnell's Unity Rally After McConnell Supporter Refuse To Rally Around Governor

It appears there will be no "unity rally" after all, at least for a few weeks as Larry Forgy continues to ponder a primary challenge to the increasingly weakened Mitch McConnell. Forgy already warned McConnell and his Louisville liberals that he may have to run if they do not rally around Ernie Fletcher, but apparently Mitch McConnell is not listening:

Fletcher needs to reach out to Republicans, particularly in Louisville, in a way that he hasn't during his first 31/2 years in office, Richardson said.

"This is his problem, not ours," he said. "He's not followed up on any of the wise suggestions that have been made in the past. So he's going to have to figure that out on his own."...

Fletcher campaign manager Marty Ryall said yesterday that the governor will attend, although there is some chance the rally might be postponed to avoid Memorial Day weekend. Northup declined to be interviewed yesterday and has not said whether she intends to attend. Paducah businessman Billy Harper, who finished third in the GOP primary, has said previously that he will be out of the country on Saturday.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Hill Prints Story On Draft Forgy Efforts

It is only fitting that one of Capitol Hill's leading newspapers would publish a story on the Draft Forgy efforts today. After all, Mitch McConnell fled Kentucky the past few weeks after backstabbing Governor Fletcher and then realizing Governor Fletcher was beating him like a drum. Instead of spending time in the Commonwealth, Mitch McConnell has been helping Anne Northup from his usual Washington, D.C. hideout when he is not busy negotiating a bill to give amnesty to illegal aliens.
The divisions that played out in Tuesday’s gubernatorial primary may be festering, as backers of Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R) have launched an effort to draft former gubernatorial nominee Larry Forgy (R) to challenge Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) in a primary in 2008.

The Draft Forgy website ( started posting last week and since has been updating regularly.

Though McConnell has been publicly neutral in the gubernatorial race, the blog and others have accused him of privately backing Northup.

“Mitch McConnell failed Kentucky’s conservatives by undermining Governor Ernie Fletcher and backing former Louisville Rep. Anne Northup,” one blog post read. “Now his reelection numbers are well under 50 percent, and it’s time for the Republican Party to nominate a candidate who has a real chance to win in 2008. That candidate is Larry Forgy.”

Forgy, an attorney and the 1995 gubernatorial nominee, has been vocal in denouncing McConnell in recent weeks but has expressed little interest in returning to elective politics.
Update: We should note that the Louisville liberal did not spend all of the past few weeks in Washington. He did make a point of taking a campaign trip to Nebraska to raise money for his fellow liberal Senator, Chuck Hagel, even after Hagel announced he may leave the Republican Party to run for President on a ticket with Michael Bloomberg!

Update II: Readers of the excellent story in The Hill should note that Larry Forgy has indeed been clear that he will consider challenging the Mitch McConnell if he does not deliver for Governor Fletcher:

February 16, 2007: "People who dont come on board will be remembered in 2008," Forgy said.

April 21, 2007: "But he said afterword that about the only thing that could drag him back into elective politics is if he perceives McConnell and his close supporters are not enthusiastic for the GOP gubernatorial ticket this fall. It was not a threat… but it expressed the intensity of his feelings."

Redstate Bloggers Debate Larry Forgy's Chances Against Mitch McConnell

As more and more conservatives are learning about how Mitch McConnell abandoned Governor Fletcher, national bloggers are starting to jump on the Forgy bandwagon! I wanted to share this insightful note by one of the commentators on Redstate, SIConservative:
If McConnell were as powerful as you seem to think he is, Northup would've won. I'm not saying that Forgy would enter the favorite, but when you have a primary challenge backed by a Governor who just won renomination, you have to take it seriously. Yes, McConnell would remain the favorite for both renomination and reelection, but a Forgy candidacy would be more problematic than you think.

Mark Hebert Declares The Biggest Election Night Losers Are Mitch McConnell And Greg Stumbo

One of the Commonwealth's leading political reporters, Mark Hebert of WHAS-11, declared Greg Stumbo and Mitch McConnell as election night's biggest losers. How fitting, the two unethical and corrupt cronies that spread lies about Governor Fletcher for over a year finally face the will of Kentucky's voters:
No. 2 biggest loser: Mitch McConnell. Kentucky's senior senator is now 0 for 2 in his recent big races, pushing Ernie Fletcher in '03 and winning, but getting blowback from voters since then AND now supporting Anne Northup behind the scenes, ticking off his party's standardbearer as McConnell heads into his reelection year.

Larry Forgy Blasts Mitch McConnell And Anne Northup On Election Night

Larry Forgy and Warren Scoville laid the groundwork for the beginning of a Senate campaign yesterday by hammering Mitch McConnell for backstabbing our Governor. Just wait until Kentucky conservatives hear why McConnell really used his puppet Northup to scream Greg Stumbo's false charges against the Governor. We need Larry Forgy to clean up McConnell's corruption and the mess he's made in Washington. From the Lexington Herald Leader:

Forgy and Warren Scoville, the Laurel County Republican chairman, both said the results are a smack at Kentucky's U.S. senators, Jim Bunning, who backed Northup, and Mitch McConnell, who remained publicly neutral.

"They (Republican voters) resent the hell out of Mitch McConnell and Jim Bunning leaving the governor when he had some minor problems. Republicans don't like that. Republicans stay hitched," Scoville said.

Scoville said the vote is partly a reflection of that backlash.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Its Time For Larry Forgy To Enter The Race

Flashback (April 21, 2007): Larry Forgy Announces He'll Consider Challenging Mitch McConnell If McConnell Does Not Deliver For Governor Fletcher
Forgy even hinted that he and some other key Republicans might not answer the bell for McConnell next year, when the state’s senior senator is up for re-election...

Forgy wouldn’t speculate on the show about whether McConnell could face a Republican primary in May 2008. But he said afterword that about the only thing that could drag him back into elective politics is if he perceives McConnell and his close supporters are not enthusiastic for the GOP gubernatorial ticket this fall. It was not a threat… but it expressed the intensity of his feelings.
Today Mark Hebert Reports:
Anne Northup said early in the campaign that she would support the republican nominee for governor. She's not saying that now, refusing to directly answer the question.
Courier-Journal reports:
After her speech, she declined to tell reporters what support she'd give Fletcher, saying "it's his night" to celebrate and prepare to make his case to the voters. She declined to answer when asked if she'd attend an upcoming Republican unity event.
And for Mitch McConnell: Somewhere Off In DC Not To Be Found

The Kentucky Republican Party needs a Senate nominee who can win in 2008, and that is the Conservative who was the person that truly rebuilt the party: Larry Forgy.

Fletcher/Forgy Defeat Northup/McConnell

Tonight, Ernie Fletcher and Larry Forgy have defeated Anne Northup and Mitch McConnell for the first time. The second time will be in the Republican Senate Primary next spring.

With over 70 percent of precincts reporting, the Lexington Herald Leader is showing Ernie Fletcher with 49.57 percent to Anne Northup's 37.88 percent!

Will Governor Fletcher even appear with the Louisville liberal at the Unity Rally on Saturday? My guess is the headquarters will be renamed by then and we'll have another primary on our hands!

Update: The Courier-Journal reports that Northup/McConnell did not get a single vote in Estill County. 0 %. What an absolutely abysmal showing for Mitch McConnell.

The Kentucky Post Questions Whether Mitch McConnell Can Regain Republicans

There appears to be little question that he has now divided the Kentucky Republican party:

Bridging the gap between the Northup and Fletcher camps could prove more difficult because the divisions are thought to be deep - conventional wisdom says that Northup was recruited to the race by U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, who is not known to be a big fan of the governor.

Message To Daily Kos And The Nutroots: Don't Get Too Excited

The nutroots is jumping for joy at the Fletcher/Forgy defeat over McConnell/Northup today, but I can assure you this will be short-lived:

In fact, McConnell's apparent inability to oust a blatantly corrupt and unpopular governor in a primary with a supposedly popular and relatively clean former Congresswoman has already spurred some anti-McConnell maneuverings, with efforts to draft Fletcher ally and former State Supreme Court Justice Larry Forgy into a primary battle against McConnell next year.

McConnell's "machine" may still pull off an upset today, so nothing is determined yet. But the recriminations and infighting between the KY GOP's Fletcher and McConnell factions may prove not just entertaining, but also a boon for the state's Democratic Party.

Governor Fletcher has trounced the Louisville liberals and is about to take a commanding lead over the Democrats in the general election. And for McConnell, Kentucky is about to replace the Louisville liberal and his baggage with a true conservative who is well-loved in Kentucky, knows how to fix health care and bring jobs to the Commonwealth, and was the best performing Republican governor nominee in Kentucky in over 20 years: Larry Forgy.

National Journal Suggests Governor Fletcher's Victory Will Have Implications For Mitch McConnell

Conventional wisdom among the national media is starting to shift as more people are learning about the erosion of support for Mitch McConnell after backstabbing Governor Fletcher. This was a lead-in sent from the National Journal's Hotline today:
Will McConnell subplot continue if Fletcher pulls it off today? KY GOV polls close at 6 pm local.
This leads to a few questions that will soon be answered: 1) Should Governor Fletcher rename the state party headquarters after Mitch McConnell has undermined our party? 2) Will Governor Fletcher even allow Mitch McConnell to stand with him at the stage at the unity rally?

Monday, May 21, 2007 Spotlights Draft Forgy

This site is truly a great resource for political activists and has a good take on the political climate among Kentucky's conservatives:

KENTUCKY #2: Call it Ernie Fletcher's revenge. US Senate Mitch McConnell (R-KY), portrayed in state newspapers as the godfather of the Kentucky GOP, has his faction of the party heavily backing Anne Northup in Tuesday's gubernatorial primary. That appears to be why a growing movement in the party -- led by the pro-Fletcher faction -- is looking for payback in the form of giving McConnell a tough primary challenge in 2008. Check out the website, urging former State Supreme Court Justice Larry Forgy (R) to oppose McConnell. Forgy was the GOP nominee for Governor in 1991 and 1995. The Draft Forgy website is filled with pro-Fletcher and ani-McConnell sentiments, plus lots of Forgy quotes that make him sound rather interested in the race.

Washington Post Notes Mitch McConnell's Undermining of the KY Republican Party

Even the liberal national media is paying attention to the Kentucky Republican primary tomorrow. Possibly because of the implications on Mitch McConnell's reelection hopes after he backstabbed Governor Fletcher by propping up Anne Northup only to be embarrassed:
Northup, feeling bruised by her final House campaign and grief-stricken by the death of one of her six children from a heart ailment, was not looking for another race. But leaders of the party, widely believed to include McConnell, urged her to challenge Fletcher, foreseeing an entirely winnable contest...

"If Ernie happens to be our nominee, the Democrats are going to defeat him in the fall," predicted Casey County Republican Chairman Jeffrey Buis. "And we can't afford to have McConnell beaten to death for a year. They would target McConnell and say, 'An indicted governor. No more of this.' "
Governor Fletcher will be our nominee. And when the liberal media and the Democrats start beating on McConnell, he has nobody to blame but himself. We need a Senate nominee without baggage. We need a true conservative, Larry Forgy.

Cincinnati Enquirer Reporter Patrick Crowley Features Draft Forgy

Patrick Crowley featured Draft Forgy today, after several Conservative Kentucky blogs joined the efforts to draft Larry Forgy into the 2008 GOP Senate primary to take on Mitch McConnell:
A Web site has been set up to try and draft Lexington Republican Larry Forgy to take on KY U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell next year. Would he have a chance?

If you need further evidence just look at some of these earlier posts from Northern Kentucky Republicans that are none too happy that the Louisville liberals Anne Northup and Mitch McConnell are pretending to be true Conservatives after backstabbing Governor Fletcher:

Angry Republican wrote:

Mitch has been trying to control the state party from Louisville. All of the treacherous players in the attempted coup are from Louisville -- McConnell, Pence, Northup, idiot Ted Jackson, etc., etc. Next year we will dump him just as the voters of South Dakota dumped "powerful" Tom Daschle, the Dem majority leader, in 2006. Bye, bye, Mitch, you scheming liar!

Disgusted said:

Trey Grayson was one of the gullible, but overly ambitious
"possible candidates" contacted by Mitch. He was ready to stab Ernie in the back, as McConnell's errand boy, but eventually backed down. He failed the character test with some of us and we will remember his treachery also as we start rebuilding the party. Honesty is the best policy, Mitch.

Anonymous said:
He did not stay out 4 yrs ago. He is the one that gave us Fletcher when Steve Nunn was clearly the better choice. Does anyone remember McConnell's hand picked Lt Gov Hunter Bates??? Hell Bates was not even a resident of KY and McConnell pushed him down our throats
Anonymous said...

As a republican, I can't wait to vote against McConnell. Maybe Fletcher can be convinced to oppose him in a primary. Regardless of the merits, it would be great to see McConnell have to play this game. What a fool.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Conservative Edge Features Draft Forgy

The most highly trafficked conservative blog in the state featured Draft Forgy today with a post from Brian Goettl, the Jessamine County Attorney and a great conservative activist:
A website has been developed to try and draft Larry Forgy to challenge Mitch McConnell in a Republican primary for Senate next year. The site even includes an editorial that I wrote some time ago. Check out the website here. David Adams at Kentucky Progress has more here.
Another post on Kentucky Progress caught my attention today and I feel it needs to be addressed:
And do you not think that Republicans have tried to destroy Fletcher? Grayson's trial balloon at Fancy Farm? (That little episode cost him my vote from now to eternity). Pence's disloyalty? McConnell's failure to defend the man he supported and was supposedly his friend?

Fletcher admitted that there was evidence of wrongdoing in his administration. He took care of that by firing the people who did the wrong things.

Quite honestly, if Fletcher loses Tuesday, i will forever be ashamed of the Republican Party of Kentucky. And I would be tempted to change my registration to Conservative or Libertarian, if we had such parties in this state.
For too long, Mitch McConnell has made threats to Republican activists across the Commonwealth, but this is no reason to leave the party. There is another choice. Send Mitch McConnell back home to Louisville and replace him with a true conservative nominee, Larry Forgy.

Who is worse: Mitch McConnell or Greg Stumbo?

I was just remined about an op-ed written by Jessamine County Attorney Brian Goettl almost a year ago ,which essentially questioned whether Mitch McConnell would cause more damage to the Kentucky Republican Party than Greg Stumbo? I think the answer will be crystal clear on Tuesday when Mitch is noticeably absent from our victory rally!
Because some non-politicos are appalled at what they view as “fair weather friends”, who were there for Fletcher's good times and no where to be found during the bad times. Republicans may have done just as much damage in the public’s eye abandoning Fletcher on the field of battle as any perceived harm done by Fletcher.

I say this because I am hearing these views. That some, now feel sorry for the Governor, and are disgusted with Republicans. So, could we get a few more Larry Forgy’s and a few less Jack Richardson’s? Would that be to much to ask?

Republican Activists Comment On Mitch McConnell's Lie On Cincinnati Enquirer Reporter Patrick Crowley's Blog

Several comments on Crowley's blog were particularly insightful. Lets hope they change the name of the party headquarters come Wednesday because one thing is certain: Mitch McConnell has lost control of the Kentucky Republican Party. One of Crowley's readers writes:
Simply put, McConnell is a liar. He has earned himself an opponent for his political treachery. He will be beaten in the next election due to his over-reaching arrogance.
Another commentator notes the extent of McConnell's backing of Anne Northup:
McConnell is a liar. Party insiders all know he was very active in the polling, the recruitment efforts, etc., leading up to the Northup announcements. When he saw how strong Fletcher is and with the leading office holders throughout the state all backing Ernie, he went into hiding and claimed to be neutral. Nonsense. He saw his 2008 campaign going into the tank. Bunning also misjudged, but stuck with his promise to Mitch to back another candidate who turned out to be Northup. Very dumb, but honest. The harm has already been done but slippery Mitch is now posing as the "peace maker" who wants to unite the party next Saturday. He has lost my support. He is too slick for his own good -- a liar!
Someone else remembers similar actions:

Try to get a comment out of Larry Cox, the in state mouth piece of Mitch. He made the telephone calls early in December dictating that the Senator wanted his supporters to not make any commitments as he was recruting another candidate for Governor. Something about not being able to control the current Governor.

Reminder: Larry Forgy Warned Mitch McConnell Not To Undermine The Kentucky Republican Party In February

When Mitch McConnell is off crying over Anne Northup's loss on Tuesday night, remember that it was Larry Forgy who encouraged the party to stay united behind Governor Ernie Fletcher way back at the Franklin County Lincoln Day Dinner:
However, all three Franklin County Republicans agreed Larry Forgy, the keynote speaker, gave the most entertaining speech of the night. Forgy is a Frankfort lawyer who supports the Fletcher administration. He attacked each Democratic gubernatorial candidate in turn, citing scandals and corruption.

"This state has not been full of fairness and good government," Forgy said. "This state has been characterized by 32 years of corrupt Democratic control."

His anecdotes elicited responses of "amen" several times from the audience, and one listener compared his speech to a sermon. However, Forgy also spoke strongly in support of Fletcher, saying he would win the primary "handily." He urged the party to heal its wounds after the primary and said malcontents will be unwelcome.

"People who dont come on board will be remembered in 2008," Forgy said.

More Conservative Blogs Join Call For Larry Forgy To Challenge Mitch McConnell

There is little doubt that Mitch McConnell's support among Kentucky's conservatives is quickly eroding. Today, Kentucky Progress published a post titled "A Primary Opponent For Mitch McConnell In 2008?" and noted, "Voters are angry enough about politicians playing power games rather than staying focused on improving government." Commentators also specualated that multi-millionaire Paducah businessman Billy Harper will also challenge Mitch McConnell if he loses the Republican primary for Governor on Tuesday. Harper is a true conservative, unlike Louisville's Mitch McConnell and Anne Northup, but many activists question the way he abandoned supporting Governor Fletcher. However, one conservative couple that supporter Harper posted, "Our bumper sticker reads: Anyone But Mitch !!" Conservative Edge, fresh off being featured today in the Courier-Journal, also linked to the Kentucky Progress post.

Update: The Senate 2008 Guru also posted on the Draft Forgy efforts, noting:

There is apparently an effort underway to draft 1995 KY-GOP gubernatorial nominee Larry Forgy to run in a Senate primary against Mitch McConnell. Could just be a flash in the pan, but something to keep an eye on.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

WKYT: Larry Forgy Will Consider Challenging Mitch McConnell If He Doesn't Deliver For Governor Ernie Fletcher

This Gubernatorial Primary is leaving little doubt who the real Godfather of the Kentucky Republican Party is, and its not Mitch McConnell. The only place he is delivering votes for Anne Northup right now is in Louisville. Well Mitch, that isn't gonna be enough to get you the Senate nomination in 2008!


If anyone wondered how deep the divisions are in the Kentucky Republican Party right now, you only needed to watch the most recent edition of “Kentucky Newsmakers.”

In typical colorful, quotable language, former candidate for governor and GOP activist Larry Forgy made it clear that he is upset with U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell. Forgy even hinted that he and some other key Republicans might not answer the bell for McConnell next year, when the state’s senior senator is up for re-election...

Forgy wouldn’t speculate on the show about whether McConnell could face a Republican primary in May 2008. But he said afterword that about the only thing that could drag him back into elective politics is if he perceives McConnell and his close supporters are not enthusiastic for the GOP gubernatorial ticket this fall. It was not a threat… but it expressed the intensity of his feelings.

Governor Ernie Fletcher's Former Communications Director Discusses The Damage of the Tuesday's Primary To Mitch McConnell

Everyone in Kentucky knows Mitch McConnell will take a serious beating on Tuesday. The question is, how bad will it be. His favored choice, Anne Northup will lose to Ernie Fletcher and McConnell's party support will be paper thin. Can he possibly garner enough support outside Louisville to fend off a primary challenge to Larry Forgy?

The indictments did encourage Fletcher's GOP enemies, including U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, who already had been shopping around for a primary opponent. McConnell's lieutenants finally talked Anne Northup into jumping in against Fletcher...

The architect of Republican Party politics, U.S. Senate Mitch McConnell, has had little to say about the race. Initially, many thought him to favor Northup. Upon her entry, he called her candidacy "formidable." His silence now is deafening. I can't imagine this is what he had in mind.

Club for Growth Starts Kentucky Chapter and Launches Attacks on McConnell/Nothup

The Club for Growth waged an admirably strong primary challenge to liberal Senator Lincoln Chafee in Rhode Island, when it backed Cranston Mayor Laffey. Now the Club for Growth is on the Kentucky scene and poised to go after Mitch McConnell and Anne Northup, who (in the words of Mike Huckabee) spend our government funds faster than John Edwards in a beauty salon:
We continue to hear candidate Northup state the position that she is a fiscal conservative and that things would change if she is elected. That is candidate Northup. But Rep. Northup was anything but a fiscal conservative during her stint in Washington:

National Club for Growth political director Andy Roth made a great point to me last week regarding the RSC alternative budget. He said, "A person may say they are a fiscal conservative, but if they don’t vote for the RSC budget, then their rhetoric is empty."

Do Kentucky Club for Growth members need to know anything else?

Evansville Courier Press Lauds Forgy's Ability To Connect With Voters

There is no doubt who the most articulate Republican in the Commonwealth is, and its not the Senator who will be fumbling over his words with George Stephan(i dont know how you spell his name) on ABC tomorrow morning:

Successful politicians and preachers both have a bit of the theatrical in their presentations.

Kentucky politics has a history of some tremendous stump orators...

Alben Barkley pretty well framed the lucre of politics with his "but what have you done for me lately" story to illustrate losing a vote from a longtime supporter...

And Larry Forgy, who can work a Shakespeare quote into his homespun delivery, can be a joy to hear.

National Media Features Forgy

We're talking national press, baby! The Capitol Hill (where McConnell spends all his time anyway, when he's not in Louisville) newspaper Roll Call printed a story (subscription required) talking about how Mitch picked the wrong horse in the Governor's race and now will pay the price.

The gubernatorial primary fight between Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R) and former Rep. Anne Northup (R-Ky.) will be decided by voters next week, and hardly an eye on Capitol Hill will blink.

But there could be significant ramifications for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) back home, as the party he built and continues to lead moves to heal the wounds from the Fletcher-Northup fight...

But the widely held perception in Bluegrass political circles is that McConnell actively encouraged primary challengers to the embattled Fletcher, a former Member of Congress who was indicted last year on misdemeanor charges of politicizing civil service jobs.

This man undermined Kentucky's conservatives and thought he could push our Governor aside. So many are too quick to forget that it was Larry Forgy, not Mitch McConnell, who resurrected the Republican Party in Kentucky when he came within 2 points of taking the Governor's Mansion. Now he's back!

Larry Forgy, a Republican activist who has lost several bids for statewide office, warned that McConnell's support of Fletcher, if he is the nominee, would be imperative to repairing the damage done among party loyalists.

"This race, in my judgement, is going to show that the emperor has no clothes," Forgy said.

"There are an awful lot of Republicans who resent his role in this," he added. "And if he doesn't get extremely active on behalf of Gov. Fletcher in Louisville ... there are going to be a lot of people who are going to remember that in 2008 - Republican activists who are more Fletcher people than McConnell people."

Friday, May 18, 2007

Its Time For Kentucky Republicans To Nominate a US Senate Candidate Who Can Win In 2008

Mitch McConnell failed Kentucky's conservatives by undermining Governor Ernie Fletcher and backing former Louisville Rep. Anne Northup. Now his reelection numbers are well under 50 percent, and its time for the Republican Party to nominate a candidate who has a real chance to win in 2008. That candidate is Larry Forgy.

Forgy is a Franklin County attorney and President of Health Kentucky, a non-profit that gives free health care to underprivileged patients in the Commonwealth. In 1995, he was the Republican nominee for Governor and received nearly 49 percent of the vote. Forgy can win in 2008. Kentucky Republicans need a nominee who will stand up for our conservative values, our veterans, our schools, and not just Anne Northup and George W. Bush.