Saturday, May 19, 2007

WKYT: Larry Forgy Will Consider Challenging Mitch McConnell If He Doesn't Deliver For Governor Ernie Fletcher

This Gubernatorial Primary is leaving little doubt who the real Godfather of the Kentucky Republican Party is, and its not Mitch McConnell. The only place he is delivering votes for Anne Northup right now is in Louisville. Well Mitch, that isn't gonna be enough to get you the Senate nomination in 2008!


If anyone wondered how deep the divisions are in the Kentucky Republican Party right now, you only needed to watch the most recent edition of “Kentucky Newsmakers.”

In typical colorful, quotable language, former candidate for governor and GOP activist Larry Forgy made it clear that he is upset with U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell. Forgy even hinted that he and some other key Republicans might not answer the bell for McConnell next year, when the state’s senior senator is up for re-election...

Forgy wouldn’t speculate on the show about whether McConnell could face a Republican primary in May 2008. But he said afterword that about the only thing that could drag him back into elective politics is if he perceives McConnell and his close supporters are not enthusiastic for the GOP gubernatorial ticket this fall. It was not a threat… but it expressed the intensity of his feelings.