Friday, August 31, 2007

RNC Forced To Call For Craig's Resignation After McConnell's Lack Of Leadership

The RNC took steps yesterday to pressure Larry Craig to resign from the Senate after Republican leader (at least for the time being) Mitch McConnell refused to call for Craig's resignation:
The Republican National Committee took the unusual step Thursday of drafting statements calling on Craig to resign, GOP aides said, a rare move to force the third-term senator out.
Several Senators were outspoken on the need for Craig to resign, and reports are heating up that this was the icing on the cake for Conservative Senators who have been trying to gather support to replace McConnell as leader. Conservative Senators are already saying if this were a war, McConnell should be tried for "dereliction of duty." If Conservative Senators now force Craig out after McConnell refused, the Louisville liberal McConnell will look extremely weak.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

New York Times: McConnell Continues To Refuse To Call For Larry Craig's Resignation

One has to wonder what the Louisville liberal McConnell could be thinking. Did McConnell not learn anything from our losses to the Democrats last November following the Mark Foley scandal? The New York Times reports:
We asked the spokesman for Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for additional comment other than his remarks that the conduct was “unforgivable” and required an ethics investigation, but were told the senator had nothing more to say right now.

McConnell And Craig Are Destroying The Republican Family Values Platform

As if it were not enough to envision the Republican party being forced to nominate a divorced Louisville liberal whose own daughter does not speak to him, now Mitch McConnell again refused to call on Larry Craig's resignation today. What is it going to take? Craig already plead guilty. John McCain called on him to resign. Norm Coleman called on him to resign. Our own Ron Lewis called on him to resign. What about Mitch McConnell?

Update: The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that McConnell continues to refuse to call on Larry Craig to resign:
LEXINGTON -- Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., repeatedly declined today to say whether he thinks embattled Idaho Senator Larry Craig should resign

Will McConnell Refund Kentucky Contributors For Money He Donated To Larry Craig?

As the Louisville liberal McConnell still attempts to run and hide to evade answering any questions about his good friend Larry Craig, many Kentucky conservatives are wondering whether they will get a refund off their recent contributions to McConnell's Bluegrass Committee? McConnell has been raising money in Kentucky to earmark to several senators around the country and it now appears that much of this money was donated to McConnell's good friend Larry Craig.

While McConnell stands tight-lipped, Conservative Senator Norm Coleman continues his recent stance against the weak leadership of the Louisville liberal McConnell, and is calling on Republicans to separate themselves from donations to Craig. Kentucky conservatives can only hope that McConnell will follow Norm Coleman's lead for once and calls on Larry Craig to resign.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why Does McConnell Refuse To Condemn Larry Craig?

This is the question on the minds of many Kentucky conservatives this week after the Idaho Senator admitted to pleading guilty for lewd conduct in a public restroom.

Perhaps everyone should take a look back to the amnesty debate when Louisville liberal McConnell used Craig to help him carry Teddy Kennedy's water:

Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) said he already has told Senate GOP leaders he will not support the immigration filibuster any longer. "They've had ample opportunity," Craig said of the Republican dissenters who successfully rallied a majority of their Conference to block the bill last week. Craig added that he supports McConnell's efforts to goad the conservatives into capitulating
Its not clear what use McConnell has for his good friend Larry Craig now, and why he is remaining so loyal to him, even after additional information is now coming out that some of Craig's conduct may have been criminal:

Though the senator denied being gay, it was not the first time he has confronted sexually related accusations. In 1982, he denied involvement in a congressional page sex scandal.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Herald-Leader: Anti-Gambling Forgy Hammers Vegas Moneyman Mitch

The Lexington Herald Leader ran another column today showing exactly why conservatives need to rally behind Larry Forgy and send Benedict McConnell back to Louisville:

Forgy has been rumbling all summer about potentially challenging McConnell, and last week he lobbed criticism at McConnell in a Washington Times article...

Forgy maintains that his frustration with McConnell stems from the senator's reluctance to endorse Fletcher during the GOP primary and unwillingness last week to echo Fletcher's opposition to casino gambling, which is the main message of the governor's re-election campaign.

"The reason I have strong feelings about Sen. McConnell is the way he's treated Gov. Fletcher. It's that simple. If he helps Gov. Fletcher in this campaign and doesn't sit down on him over there in Louisville, then he doesn't have a problem with me," Forgy said.

The grassroots need to make it clear: it is not enough for the Louisville liberal McConnell to show up at a few events after he splintered the Republican Party in half. Over half of the Northup/McConnell voters are currently supporting Steve Beshear. If Mitch McConnell does not turn out these voters for Governor Fletcher and if he keeps refusing to back the Governor on fighting against gambling, then we should rally behind a true conservative and send McConnell packing back to Louisville in May.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Alessi: Forgy Set To Face McConnell At Fletcher Event

Ryan Alessi of the Lexington Herald Leader has a piece that will be amusing to many supporters of Ernie Fletcher and Larry Forgy, in which he notes that Mitch McConnell is finally attending one of their fundraising events. Of course, the Louisville liberal is now so belittled that his presence is a mere afterthought to which pundits are speculating to whether he will continue his childish backstabbing ways or acknowledge the man that will unseat him, Larry Forgy:

Perhaps most interesting about Tuesday's event in Lexington is that former GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Forgy will be one of the fund-raiser's co-hosts. Having Forgy, McConnell and Fletcher all together should make for an interesting evening, especially in light of Forgy fanning the flames about a potential challenge to McConnell next year.

Forgy, most recently, was quoted in a Washington Times story on Monday talking about the problems McConnell faces even among Kentucky Republicans as he prepares for his 2008 re-election.

“The average Kentuckian feels we are giving away this country with both hands — jobs are going, essentially the primacy of the people who made this country great is going, and Mitch McConnell is lumped with the Washington types on this,” Forgy told the newspaper.

Forgy has been an outspoken supporter of Fletcher throughout the governor's term -- especially during the state hiring investigation that led to indictments, pardons and more indictments. McConnell, during that time, remained publicly mute about Fletcher and declined to endorse him before expressing doubt about the governor's re-election chances.

Fletcher, meanwhile, has stopped short of endorsing McConnell's re-election.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Anti-Gambling Forgy Will Defeat Vegas Moneyman Mitch

The radical liberals that think they will be able to use McConnell's ties to Las Vegas casinos against Governor Fletcher should think again. Everyone knows that Ernie Fletcher and Larry Forgy have long been outspoken against gambling. One can look back to Larry Forgy's now famous KET debate where he took Governor Jones to the task on the Casinocrats hoping to profit off gambling or to then Rep. Fletcher's work against Mitch McConnell when the Louisville liberal McConnell tried to block the McCain bill to outlaw gambling on college sports and the Coats amendment to end federal tax deductions for gambling losses:

McConnell had pleased his Las Vegas donors earlier by persuading Sen. Dan Coats, R-Ind., to withdraw an amendment that would have ended the federal tax deduction for gambling losses.

The deduction costs the government millions. Coats wanted it replaced with a deduction for Americans who support scholarship programs for poor children. But the gambling industry said the deduction was crucial for its biggest bettors.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Washington Times: "McConnell's base of support erodes"

The national media is continuing to pick up on the fast growing grassroots movement that is sweeping Kentucky to elect Larry Forgy and send Mitch McConnell packing back to Louisville in 2008. The latest story is from the Washington Times:

Sen. Mitch McConnell's close backing of President Bush on immigration and the Iraq war is costing him support among Kentucky Republicans, and, according to some party members, hurting his chances for re-election next year.

He even could face a primary challenge from former Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Forgy, who contends that Mr. McConnell's in-state problems are compounded by job losses to producers beyond America's borders.

“The average Kentuckian feels we are giving away this country with both hands —

jobs are going, essentially the primacy of the people who made this country great is going, and Mitch McConnell is lumped with the Washington types on this,” Mr. Forgy said.

“And the war in Iraq is less troublesome in Kentucky than in many other places, but it is not popular here, and Republican voters see Mitch's views as too close to the president's on the war,” said Mr. Forgy, a Lexington lawyer...

“The immigration issue is trouble for everyone in central Kentucky,” Republican state Sen. Tom Buford said. “The Iraq war is always difficult for all incumbents, even if they support pulling the troops out. It is a no-win situation when elections are at risk.”

A county party chairman who supports Mr. McConnell but asked not to be identified said Mr. McConnell's re-election next year is uncertain — despite the Capitol Hill clout he brings Kentucky — unless he shows the folks back home he understands their distrust of Washington on enforcing immigration laws.

The chairman said he has tried to tell Mr. McConnell that he needs to assure the party's base that he opposes Mr. Bush's immigration bill.

The Kentucky Republican Party, torn by the immigration issue, was further fractured when critics claimed Mr. McConnell had acted behind the scenes to back an ultimately unsuccessful primary challenge by former Rep. Anne Northup against Gov. Ernie Fletcher earlier this year. The Fletcher faction of the state Republican Party is backing the “draft Forgy” campaign.

The fact that Republican Party county chairman are afraid of going on the record is another indication that McConnell is threatening Republican activists with retribution, just as he did to those supporting Governor Fletcher against Anne Northup in the spring. If the Louisville liberal continues these tactics, he can rest assured that his fate will be similar to Anne Northup's come next May.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Nunn Should Get Behind Larry Forgy

There has been much speculation as to what former state Rep. Steve Nunn will do in the Republican 2008 Senate campaign. Reports were that Nunn was none too pleased with former Rep. Larry Hopkins comments during the Governor's primary:
The party "had been so divided by Louie Nunn (a former governor who backed Forgy) and Larry Forgy, it was just impossible to put back together," Hopkins said.
Everyone knows these comments were ludicrous, since it was McConnell who tore the Republican Party apart, not only in 2003, but also in 1999 when he went back on his word of staying neutral:
Nunn said McConnell had told him he would remain neutral in the GOP primary, but Fletcher's selection of Bates "gives the appearance that McConnell is right in the middle of all this, and it's contrary to what he has said at least twice to me."
Governor Louie Nunn was a strong backer of Larry Forgy in his race against Larry Hopkins, but it is not a given that Rep. Steve Nunn will stay out of the Senate race and endorse Forgy. Remember that Steve Nunn is far more moderate than the true conservative Forgy, and Governor Nunn endorsed Bob Gable in the 1995 primary, recording a hard-hitting radio ad against Forgy. However, it is a good sign that Rep. Nunn has so far refused to endorse McConnell, and with some encouragement, he may be able to be persuaded to stay out of the race and back Larry Forgy for the Republican nomination in 2008.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Novak: Republican Senators May Revolt Against McConnell

Bob Novak reported in his weekly column this morning that several Republican Senators now may go public in their discontent with the lack of leadership from Mitch McConnell, leading to what may be his replacement as minority leader:
Discontent with the GOP leadership is growing within the slender band of Republican reformers in both the House and Senate. They are considering but have not decided whether to go public.
This comes as no surprise, since several Republican Senators have made no secret at their disgust with McConnell's shunning of conservatives over the past few months. One Republican Senator even told Novak that McConnell "should be relieved of command for dereliction of duty."

Republican Senator Norm Coleman recently went public over the Iraq debate, saying, "at this point, I can't even tell you where Mitch is." Trent Lott also slammed McConnell over carrying the liberals' water on lobbying reform and amnesty, saying "after the exhibition I saw on immigration, I don't suspect there's going to be a lot of strength and dynamic leadership here." It appears that its just a matter of time until the national conservative leaders join the growing movement in Kentucky, and get behind Larry Forgy to provide some real leadership in the U.S. Senate.

WHAS's Hebert: Forgy Still Exploring Senate Campaign

Mark Hebert reported today that Larry Forgy is still exploring a primary challenge to the Louisville liberal Mitch McConnell. Forgy is now making it clear that if Mitch does not turn out the Northup/McConnell voters that are now supporting Beshear, McConnell can expect to be sitting in Louisville on the sidelines in May:
Larry Forgy wouldn't rule out, or in, a run against Mitch McConnell next year when I asked him about that prospect at the Fancy Farm picnic. Forgy says he's glad to hear McConnell is helping Gov. Fletcher's reelection bid and the senator's help is really needed in Jefferson County where Fletcher is particularly weak. In response, McConnell told reporters "I have nothing to say to Larry Forgy."

WKYT's Bryant: Forgy Keeps Door Open For Senate Campaign

Bill Bryant reported this week that Larry Forgy is still considering a Senate campaign against Mitch McConnell this spring. Its more important than ever to encourage Forgy to run, now that polls are making it clear that the showboating McConnell is all talk and is doing nothing to help turn out the Northup/McConnell supporters in Louisville for Governor Fletcher:


Former Republican candidate for governor Larry Forgy is still indicating he could mount a primary challenge to McConnell next May. Forgy says he wouldn’t have to decide until after the November election and says it will depend on how vigorously McConnell supports Governor Fletcher’s re-election bid. Forgy disavows personal connection to signs boosting him for the senate seat at Fancy Farm and to a Draft Forgy website. But he is aware of those and other efforts to entice him into the race.

After narrowly losing the 1995 governor’s race to Democrat Paul Patton, Forgy went on to lose a race for the Kentucky Supreme Court. But he has remained active in politics and has frequently advised Fletcher.

McConnell, who has already raised millions for his race for a fifth term in 2008, is expecting a tough challenge next year.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Where's Anne?

84 days since the May primaries and Anne Northup has refused to make a single appearance for Governor Fletcher. Mitch, she's your puppet. After the poll last week showing a majority of Northup/McConnell voters are supporting Steve Beshear, its time to step up to the plate. If Mitch McConnell refuses to get Anne Northup and her turncoats to go to bat for Governor Fletcher, he can expect to be spending a lot of time with them in Louisville after he is unseated by Larry Forgy next May.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Hey Mitch, Return The Money

Even after the news that the FBI raided the home of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, Mitch McConnell refused to return the $2,500 he received from Steven's Northern Lights PAC last cycle.

Conservatives have been calling on McConnell to help lead the charge in cleaning up the corruption that brought our party down in 2006, but the Louisville liberal McConnell simply will not listen. Sen. Trent Lott blasted McConnell again over the issue, saying:
“After the exhibition I saw on immigration, I don’t suspect there’s going to be a lot of strength and dynamic leadership here [to oppose the lobbying reform legislation], but we’ll see,” he said, referring to GOP criticisms of McConnell’s lack of visibility during the final days of the unsuccessful immigration debate in June.

Lexington Herald Leader: Governor Fletcher Refuses To Endorse Mitch McConnell

Ryan Alessi had an interesting column today on the tension still remaining from Benedict McConnell's backstabbing of Governor Fletcher and Kentucky's conservatives:
While Fletcher says that he and Republican U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell are friends again, the governor has stopped short of saying that he'll endorse McConnell for re-election in 2008...

Fletcher wouldn't say whether he'll discourage other Republicans from challenging McConnell.

It should be noted that Fletcher also said he didn't expect to draw a GOP challenger for his re-election and ended up with two.

Justin Brasell, McConnell's general consultant for his re-election bid, said whether Fletcher endorses or not is up to the governor. But he said reports of any animosity between the two GOP leaders are exaggerated.

"No, there's no source of frustration at all," Brasell said. "I think the governor and the senator are getting along just fine."

Yeah, right. Who does Brasell think he is kidding? The Courier-Journal reported that a poll last week showed a majority of Northup/McConnell voters are supporting the Democrat Steve Beshear. Apparently the Louisville liberal McConnell thinks he is getting along with the Governor so well that he doesn't have to work any of the Louisville voters that he talked into turning on Governor Fletcher. If he keeps this up, Larry Forgy will send McConnell packing back to Louisville himself next spring.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Moneyman Mitch Does Casino's Dirty Work

After making an incredible comeback to trounce McConnell/Northup in the Republican primary in May, Governor Fletcher is now storming again by pounding the liberals over their plans to bring casino gambling to Kentucky.

This comeback by Governor Fletcher is only foreshadowing next year's Senate primary in which true conservative and anti-gambling candidate Larry Forgy will hammer the Louisville liberal and Mitch "Moneyman" McConnell, who has accepted over $14,500 in campaign cash from the casino gaming industry, including $6,000 from Harrah's and $3,000 from Mandalay Resort Group. Anyone think these donations have helped the Las Vegas casino owners push their legislative agenda?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Gov. Ernie Fletcher Refuses To Endorse Mitch McConnell For Reelection

The Louisville liberal Mitch McConnell got what he deserved this week as Gov. Ernie Fletcher refused to endorse him, after the Governor was swept up in the excitement building in the upcoming campaign of his close friend, strong supporter, and true conservative Larry Forgy. After Mitch McConnell refused to support Governor Fletcher and stabbed him in the back by recruiting Anne Northup, carried Teddy Kennedy's water on the immigration bill, and continues his unethical ways, it should be only a matter of time until several top Republicans around the Commonwealth endorse Larry Forgy and send Mitch McConnell back to Louisville.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Alessi: Forgy Issues Warning To Mitch McConnell

Ryan Alessi's column today in the Lexington Herald-Leader included a stern warning from Larry Forgy to Mitch McConnell that the Louisville liberal McConnell better deliver votes for Governor Fletcher in his hometown:

Among the 135 names on the list for the Aug. 28 event at the Lexington home of Dr. Russell and Jill Travis is Larry Forgy, a former GOP gubernatorial candidate and ardent Fletcher supporter who has criticized McConnell for not sticking up for the governor.

Forgy, who hasn't ruled out challenging McConnell in a primary next spring, said he's waiting to see what McConnell will do to promote Fletcher this fall, especially in the senator's hometown.

"He can be very helpful in Louisville," Forgy said.

It is no secret that McConnell's backstabbing of the Governor by recruiting Anne Northup to run against him has damaged his support in Louisville. Now, it is up to the Louisville liberal McConnell to deliver votes for Governor Fletcher in his hometown or he will face his own defeat to a true conservative, Larry Forgy, in 2008.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Lexington Herald Leader: Forgy Sees No Reason To Rule Out A Senate Run

The Lexington Herald Leader reports that Larry Forgy is still considering a challenge to Mitch McConnell for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate. In addition Forgy issued a stern warning to the Louisville liberal McConnell that he better deliver for Governor Fletcher in his hometown:

Some morsels from the 127th annual Fancy Farm political picnic:

Someone placed fluorescent fliers on car windshields in the picnic parking lot saying, "Vote for a straight Republican. Vote Forgy U.S. Senator '08."

There was no further explanation.

Forgy, who was attending the event, said he didn't know who was responsible, but said he was aware of a Web site,, that's encouraging him to take on U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell in a Republican primary next year.

Forgy said he wants to wait until after the governor's race is over in November before deciding whether to run. Specifically, he said he wants to see how McConnell helps Republican Gov. Ernie Fletcher in the senator's hometown of Louisville.

But Forgy also wouldn't rule out challenging McConnell. "I don't see any reason to rule it in or rule it out," he said. McConnell declined to comment on his 2008 re-election or potential challengers.

Mark Hebert Reports A Huge Presence Of Forgy Supporters At Fancy Farm

The excitement behind Larry Forgy's upcoming U.S. Senate campaign at Fancy Farm made it clear that the grassroots activists of the Republican Party are lining up behind Larry Forgy as he mounts a primary campaign against Mitch McConnell. Mark Hebert of WHAS reports:

Most talked about signs: On the two lane road to Fancy Farm, there were
three signs saying "Vote "straight" Republican. Vote Forgy. U.S. Senator '08."
At the picnic there were fliers placed on dozens of windshields saying "Vote A
Straight Republican. Vote Forgy U.S. Senator '08."

Mitch McConnell is married to U.S. Labor Secretary Elaine Chao and has
daughers from a previous marriage.

Forgy told me he had nothing to do with the signs but suspected one of his
supporters from Leslie County did. He said he was glad to see Mitch McConnell
actively supporting Ernie Fletcher, but wouldn't rule out, or in, the
possibility of running against McConnell in a G.O.P. primary next year.

State-Journal: Observers Note Forgy As One Of Fancy Farm's All-Time Greats

The State-Journal had a great preview of Fancy Farm this week in which in noted that Republican Tom Utterback recognized Larry Forgy as one of the all-time great stump speakers:

Democrats will certainly attack Fletcher over the Merit System scandal
which resulted from the investigation of alleged violations of state hiring
laws, Forgy said.

"I think the governor's integrity is beyond reproach," he said.

He attended the picnic many times between 1966 and 1995, and Utterback
heard speeches from many candidates, including "Happy" Chandler. However, Forgy
is still one of the best stump speakers, he said.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Trent Lott Hammers McConnell's Lack of Leadership

The National Journal's CongressDailyAM reported this morning that a furious Trent Lott slammed Mitch McConnell's lack of leadership in carrying Teddy Kennedy and Harry Reid's water for a second time. Now the Louisville liberal is trying to shove the Democrats' sham ethics bill down our throats to cover up his own personal baggage while he prepares for a race against Larry Forgy:

Asked whether Republicans could muster the votes to block cloture on the lobby bill, Lott seemed to suggest Minority Leader McConnell would not take a strong stance leading Republican opposition to the bill.

“After the exhibition I saw on immigration, I don’t suspect there’s going to be a lot of strength and dynamic leadership here [to oppose the lobbying reform legislation], but we’ll see,” he said, referring to GOP criticisms of McConnell’s lack of visibility during the final days of the unsuccessful immigration debate in June.

Republican aides privately criticized McConnell for putting his re-election concerns before the leadership needs of his party; the proposed immigration reform was deeply unpopular in McConnell’s home state of Kentucky, where he has said his Senate seat is targeted by Democrats.

Hinderaker: McConnell Throwing Away Heritage To Join Unethical Democrats

Leading Republican commentator John Hinderaker of Powerline blog wrote an important piece today highlighting Mitch McConnell's refusal to see how ethics problems are ruining the Republican Party's election hopes. As if Tom DeLay, Mark Foley, Duke Cunningham, Bob Ney, and Conrad Burns were not enough in 2006, now Mitch McConnell is conspiring with Harry Reid to allow Ted Stevens to keep his committee assignments while the Democrat leader is prolonging this embarrassment to the GOP and running laps around the Louisville liberal. Now Mitch McConnell is going to give the Democrats another victory by giving them the allusion of strength in passing a bill that is nothing but a condemnation of the Republican Party:
The "ethics reform bill" now making its way through Congress marks the end, for now at least, of any serious effort to reform the earmark process. This is a sad thing for the Republican Party. Through all of modern history, up until the last two or three years, the Republicans were the party of clean government. It was the Democrats who were associated with bribes, corruption, machine politics, and so on. The idea that the current Republican leaders in Congress--I am thinking especially of Mitch McConnell--are willing to throw away this heritage, and join with the Democrats in suppressing any serious effort at reform--is profoundly depressing.