Thursday, August 2, 2007

Trent Lott Hammers McConnell's Lack of Leadership

The National Journal's CongressDailyAM reported this morning that a furious Trent Lott slammed Mitch McConnell's lack of leadership in carrying Teddy Kennedy and Harry Reid's water for a second time. Now the Louisville liberal is trying to shove the Democrats' sham ethics bill down our throats to cover up his own personal baggage while he prepares for a race against Larry Forgy:

Asked whether Republicans could muster the votes to block cloture on the lobby bill, Lott seemed to suggest Minority Leader McConnell would not take a strong stance leading Republican opposition to the bill.

“After the exhibition I saw on immigration, I don’t suspect there’s going to be a lot of strength and dynamic leadership here [to oppose the lobbying reform legislation], but we’ll see,” he said, referring to GOP criticisms of McConnell’s lack of visibility during the final days of the unsuccessful immigration debate in June.

Republican aides privately criticized McConnell for putting his re-election concerns before the leadership needs of his party; the proposed immigration reform was deeply unpopular in McConnell’s home state of Kentucky, where he has said his Senate seat is targeted by Democrats.