Thursday, June 28, 2007

Washington Times: McConnell Abandons Republican Senators

Was it not enough for the Louisville liberal to turn his back on Governor Fletcher and Kentucky's conservatives? Now, Mitch McConnell is railroading our conservatives in the Senate by pushing Teddy Kennedy's amnesty bill. The Washington Times notes:
"I've been very, very disappointed, but there's nothing to be gained at this point" from making him angry, said one of the 25 Republicans who voted earlier this week to block the bill but who said making their dispute with Mr. McConnell public would not help Republicans in the future...

Republicans refused to publicly blame Mr. McConnell, with Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina saying their leader is "doing the best he can" with the situation. But they also said they feel they are fighting alone, without the help of Mr. McConnell or their president, and the frustration showed yesterday.

"Senator McConnell's not being railroaded, President Bush is not being railroaded, I'm being railroaded," Sen. David Vitter, Louisiana Republican, told Mr. Reid on the floor.