Thursday, October 18, 2007

Forgy Can Defeat McConnell As An Independent

It is no secret that many central Kentucky conservatives have been pleading with Larry Forgy to look past the Republican primary and defeat Mitch McConnell as an independent in 2008. There are several reasons this scenario may easily come true:
1. Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney are not true conservatives and there is no reason for Larry Forgy to run on the same ticket as them. They're pro-choice and anti-family views will bring down Mitch McConnell and allow Forgy to hold the conservative vote.

2. Governor Fletcher's endorsement. With the endorsement of the Governor, Larry Forgy will hold onto the central Kentucky and rural faction of the Republican Party and have a campaign structure that was already tested by the Louisville liberals led by Northup, McConnell, and Jackson and pounded them in the primary.

3. Greg Scumbo. This is the main reason for Forgy to run as an independent. A large faction of the Democratic Party is not happy with the publicity hound who is not raising any significant money. Even in eastern Kentucky, Forgy will carry a significant portion of the conservative Democratic vote.

4. Bill Harper. There is no secret that Harper can help Forgy carry western Kentucky and his people are not fans of McConnell's.

5. Club for Growth. They are making it clear that the Louisville liberal McConnell will be forced to pay for his support for two tax and spend budgets while pretending he is a conservative...

6. Ask Larry Hopkins. The former Congressman who showed his true colors by endorsing Steve Beshear can best remember what Larry Forgy can do on the stump. Forgy nearly defeated Hopkins with almost no money. This time around, the Club for Growth shows the money will be flowing in freely.