Friday, October 5, 2007

Tradecoat Trey Grayson Supports Casino Gambling In Kentucky

This is really disgraceful. The former Bill Clinton volunteer refuses to support the main tenet of Governor Fletcher's platform, and has the nerve to try to coerce conservatives around the Commonwealth to abandon Governor Fletcher's campaign for his own fundraisers.

An investigation into previous comments made by Tradecoat Trey Grayson turned up this excerpt in a August 21, 2006 Lexington Herald Leader story where Grayson voiced his support for exploring Vegas-style casino gaming in Kentucky:

Democratic Attorney General Greg Stumbo vaulted the issue into the headlines at an Aug. 5 Democratic breakfast in Graves County. He said he'd like to see the state approve casino gambling, and that he wants the first $100 million of revenue from it to wipe out the property tax on vehicles -- one of the most-loathed levies in Kentucky.

That idea has stirred up a buzz on both sides of the aisle as wannabe candidates weigh their options as well as their chances of beating Ernie Fletcher, the Republican incumbent next year.

"I'm wondering if that might change the debate," said Secretary of State Trey Grayson, who is considering a run for the Republican nomination for governor. "I don't remember anyone pushing any kind of tax cut. In the past, people just talked in terms of using the (casino revenue) money to pay for services."

Incredible...Not only does this Tradecoat Trey support casino gaming, but he voiced support for a plan by Greg Scumbo at the same time the Attorney General was in the middle of his witch hunt on Governor Fletcher! Tradecoat Trey goes on:

Grayson said he was intrigued by Stumbo's pitch because he has been considering ways to eliminate the car tax, which brought in $101 million in revenue to the state last year.

Sounds like Grayson needs to add ethics to his civics plan....