Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tradecoat Trey Already Making Moves To Unseat Senator Bunning?

The former Bill Clinton volunteer Trey Grayson already showed Kentucky's Republicans that he does not care about the conservative wing when he attempted to run against Governor Fletcher in the primary and then held a fundraiser in northern Kentucky at the same time as Governor Fletcher's during the general election. Now rumors are flowing out of northern Kentucky that Tradecoat Trey Grayson is already trying to get activists to commit to his camp for the 2010 senate race since he looks to be unable to pressure Senator Bunning to step aside.

Tradecoat Trey, there is a reason Senator Bunning is in the Hall of Fame and you are losing to a candidate nobody has ever heard of. True conservatives don't stab their own in the back. Republican activists should keep this prospect in mind when Tradecoat Trey begs for our support in the coming weeks.