Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Forgy Ready To Defeat McConnell

Three strikes and you're out. Tonight marks the second of three losses for Mitch McConnell. His puppet Anne Northup lost in May. Governor Fletcher and our Republican Party faces a historic loss today because of the Louisville liberal.

And next year, a true conservative named Larry Forgy will send McConnell packing back to Louisville...

The Lexington Herald Leader reports:

And then there's the matter of Larry Forgy, the notoriously sharp-tongued Republican former gubernatorial candidate.

Forgy, who went through a bruising and bitter GOP primary race against former U.S. Rep. Larry Hopkins in the 1991 governor's race, wouldn't say last week whether he'll get in the race against McConnell as an independent.

A three-candidate race would add whole new equations to the already complex political calculus of McConnell's re-election bid.

"My mother was a fifth- grade teacher for 45 years. She always told me not to talk about serious matters when I'm angry," Forgy said. "I'm an angry man right now."

Forgy has been unhappy for months with McConnell's level of support for Fletcher over the past few years and said he expected McConnell to work tirelessly for the governor in Louisville, where McConnell got his start in politics.

"I think Ernie Fletcher is one of the finest men I've ever known and he's taken more knives in the back than he has in the front. That's what I'm mad about," said Forgy, who declined to offer details.