Thursday, January 24, 2008

Herald-Leader: Larry Forgy Blasts McConnell-Backed Casino Gambling In Kentucky

Larry Forgy was in the Commonwealth's Capitol today to speak out against plans to allow casino gambling in Kentucky. Remember that Mitch McConnell refused to speak out against the Las Vegas casinos that he has carried water for in Washington, when it was at the top of Governor Fletcher's platform. Now Larry Forgy will make McConnell pay the price:

Those who spoke on Wednesday said casinos in Kentucky will look like financial misery.

"(Casinos) create no economic development -- except pawnshops," said Larry Forgy. But the longtime Republican politico, who also fought against a statewide lottery, said he expects proponents to pump up to $20 million into the casino battle.

"With $20 million behind it, (voters) might well support a repeal of the Lord's Prayer," Forgy said.