Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rep. Ron Lewis Warns Mitch McConnell To Stay Out Of Congressional Primary

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that Rep. Ron Lewis issued a stern threat to Mitch McConnell yesterday, when he told him stay stay out of the primary between Daniel London and Brett Guthrie:

Lewis told the Herald-Leader that Guthrie "is a fine young man" but said he hoped McConnell wouldn't weigh into the primary.

"Senator (McConnell) can make choices about what he wants to do, but I would think with his own election, he probably wouldn't want to create any divisions in November," Lewis said.

One would think Mitch McConnell would have learned his lesson when he destroyed our party last year by stabbing Governor Fletcher in the back and forcing the Governor to waste precious dollars defending himself from brutal attacks by McConnell's puppet Anne Northup. Now McConnell is undermining conservative hero Chris Thieneman in Louisville and Brett Guthrie in Bowling Green. Its time to send McConnell home to Louisville where he belongs