Friday, January 4, 2008

Mitch McConnell's Arch-Enemy John McCain Could Win New Hampshire

It is hard to imagine how Mitch McConnell gets reelected if the Republican nominee is not only someone who personally dislikes him, but also refuses to campaign for him and is likely to endorse an independent or write-in bid by Larry Forgy.

Now with John McCain rising to the top of the New Hampshire polls, it looks like Mitch McConnell's cataclysm may come true:
Republicans – NH Tracking 12–31/1–3–2008
McCain 34%
Romney 30%
Huckabee 10%
Giuliani 9%
Mitch McConnell appears to be using the same tactics as he employed in backstabbing Governor Fletcher. He reportedly encouraged our Congressional delegation to endorse his fellow liberal Mitt Romney. Then we saw Fred Thompson enter the race and flop. Now his Mitch McConnell's worst nightmare is coming true.

Can't wait until McConnell's Armed Services records are compared to our potential nominee John McCain's...

Update: For a reminder of the bitter rivalry between Mitch McConnell and John McCain, check the Herald-Leader or the old Meet the Press debate:

A leader in the field of tapping the wealthy for campaign cash, McConnell also led the opposition against efforts to rein in such donations through campaign-finance reform -- a fight that has taken him to the U.S. Supreme Court and put him toe-to-toe against another emerging Republican leader, presidential hopeful McCain.