Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Breaking: Grayson Co-Defendant Faced Past Criminal Charge

Well, either Tradecoat Trey doesn't read his local newspapers or he simply doesn't mind helping a questionable character deal with his client's will:

A bitter legal fight has ended over some $1 million that former Kenton County Attorney John Elfers banked after leaving office in 1994.

Garry Edmondson, the current county attorney, said he and Elfers formally agreed on Wednesday to settle a lawsuit over the money. Elfers will pay his successor about 10 percent of the disputed money.

When he left office at the end of 1993, Elfers took with him $964,269, saying he had earned it over the previous 17 years collecting delinquent child support...

The agreement leaves one important loose end. Edmondson's fight to gain access to the money was a civil case; Elfers also faces a criminal charge of mingling his private funds with public money.

Is this the kind of judgment we want from our Republican Party leaders? Its time to stand up to corrupt officials masquerading as conservatives and support our true Conservative leaders like Ernie Fletcher, Robbie Rudolph, and Larry Forgy.