Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Did Larry Craig Blackmail Mitch McConnell?

That is the question on the minds of many Kentucky conservatives today. Do Arlen Specter and Larry Craig have something on McConnell that forced him to change his position? What transpired during their phone call this morning and why is Mitch McConnell now shifting his position to allowing Larry Craig to possibly return to the Senate:
If he is able to get the case favorably disposed of in Minneapolis, it would be his intention to come back to the Senate, to deal with the Ethics Committee case that he knows that he will have, and to try to finish his term.
What is our party coming to under McConnell's (lack of) leadership? Why is McConnell not pushing ahead with investigations and ensuring strong Republican nominees to keep these seats in Alaska and Idaho. Because if he sits around, he can be sure that Kentucky will have a strong nominee who represents conservative values in Larry Forgy.