Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Hill: Club For Growth Poised To Endorse Forgy

The conservative grassroots in Kentucky are now getting our message out to the rest of the country! The Hill reports today that former Congressman Pat Toomey is speaking out against the Louisville liberal's spending as he masquerades as a conservative. Now we have a true conservative, one of the all-time great Kentucky stump speakers, and a candidate who nearly defeated Larry Hopkins on the cheap. Just imagine what Larry Forgy will do with the backing of the Club for Growth:
And the influential anti-tax group Club for Growth signaled Wednesday that it might play a role in a primary fight against McConnell.

The Club remarked in a statement Wednesday that the Republican leader “is looking more and more like his counterpart across the aisle, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.)” on spending issues.

McConnell has backed all four of the appropriations bills that the Senate has considered this year, three of which face White House veto threats.

“If Republicans want to convince taxpayers that they are fiscally responsible, they are going to have to start backing up their words with some votes,” said Club President Pat Toomey, a former House Republican.