Sunday, September 9, 2007

Forgy Slams Duncan After Lack Of Leadership During Corruption Scandals

Larry Forgy made it clear today that he will not sit idly by and watch the Republican Party descend into corruption under the watch of Mitch McConnell and Larry Craig. Recent weeks have brought us the scandals of Ted Stevens, David Vitter, and Larry Craig, while Mitch McConnell and Mike Duncan stayed quiet and utterly failed to lead the party:
Duncan's critics say he is loyal only to those who can help him

"He's not a particular friend of mine," said Larry Forgy, a former
gubernatorial candidate who is considering challenging McConnell in next year's
Republican primary. "I ran for governor twice and I don't remember his
involvement at all. I lost his home county ... and Duncan lived there. That
characterizes my relationship with him."
It could be only a matter of time until Duncan comes under investigation himself after the RNC now claims that it has lost emails sent from the former McConnell Political Director Scott Jennings while he was working in the White House. Its only a matter of time before Kentucky conservatives realize that the corruption of McConnell and Duncan lost the Republicans control of Congress in 2006, and vote to replace McConnell with Larry Forgy in 2008.