Thursday, September 13, 2007

Forgy Set To Enter Senate Race As Majority of Northup/McConnell Voters Still Support Beshear

Larry Forgy has been warning Mitch McConnell all summer that he is ready to enter the senate race if the Louisville liberal McConnell does not turn out his base for Governor Fletcher. Now we have another poll that shows a majority of Northup/McConnell voters still support Steve Beshear. Sorry Mitch, but a few photo ops at fundraisers after you refuse to deliver real dollars is not going to help you keep your seat in Washington. Especially when the Louisville liberal McConnell is refusing to back the Governor over the signature issue of the campaign: keeping the casinos out of Kentucky. Hebert reports:
More bad news for Fletcher: Despite hammering on Beshear's pro-casino stance, 79% of those polled say they want to vote on the gaming issue. Just 19% don't.

Of those who say there should be a vote on casinos, Beshear leads 64-32. Of those who don't want a vote, Fletcher leads 59-36.
Mitch now has a choice. Either get on board with the Governor on opposing gambling and turn out the vote in Louisville or face an early entry into the Senate race from Larry Forgy