Monday, September 3, 2007

Club For Growth Set To Help Larry Forgy Take Down The Louisville Liberal McConnell

Many Kentucky conservatives may not yet be familiar with the Club for Growth, but it looks like this will soon change. Former Pennsylvania Congressman Pat Toomey and other Club For Growth leaders did a tremendous job in 2006 in helping conservatives in Republican primaries, guiding Tim Walberg to victory in Michigan and nearly knocking off Senator Lincoln Chafee in Rhode Island. Recently, the Club for Growth set up its organization in Kentucky to put the pressure on pork barrel tax and spenders Anne Northup and Mitch McConnell. The Club was extremely successful in exposing these tradecoat Republicans during the primary for Governor:
The ‘Northup Trifecta’ of failed fiscal policy dates back to May 2002, when Citizens Against Government Waste named Northup “Porker of the Month” for her efforts at funding a Louisville-based foundation she started with taxpayer dollars.
Now, it appears that the Club for Growth is gearing up to make huge waves once again in several U.S. Senate primaries. Reports are that its members are already organizing for former Governor Jim Gilmore in his battle against Tom Davis in Virginia, and will rally behind Larry Forgy after Governor Fletcher is victorious in November.

Update: The Club for Growth also appears to be infuriated by McConnell's refusal to back Governor Fletcher on his opposition to gambling, one of the signature issues of the campaign.