Saturday, November 10, 2007

Governor Fletcher Gives Forgy The Nod

The Courier-Journal is reporting what everyone in the Fletcher camp already knows: While Governor Fletcher will make good on the pledge to publicly support McConnell after the Louisville liberal McConnell appeared at fundraisers in the general election, Governor Fletcher will not encourage Larry Forgy to give up his bid for the U.S. Senate. The Courier-Journal reports:
Fletcher, for his part, said he's supporting McConnell and encouraged Republicans not to challenge him in a primary or as an independent. But when asked if he would talk to Forgy and urge him not to run, Fletcher said he's going to be awfully busy over of ther the next few months, trying to transition out of the governor's office and find a job in the private sector and all.
Governor Fletcher can leave the public face of the Forgy campaign to Robbie Rudolph, Stan Cave, the Club for Growth, and others. But we all know that the Fletcher machine that trounced McConnell and Northup in the primaries will be fully at work for Larry Forgy.