Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hawpe Slams McConnell In Courier-Journal Column

The Courier-Journal's David Hawpe points out that sexual harassment is not the only area where Mitch McConnell has been engaging in historical revisionism lately. It appears Mitch also failed to mention that Kentucky native Earle Clements served as Democratic leader in the Senate and had far more in common with the pork barrel spending liberal McConnell than Alben Barkley ever did. Perhaps that is why the Club for Growth recently slammed McConnell's spending and could be sending Larry Forgy to the U.S. Senate. Hawpe writes:

Speaking of hacks, self-seekers and misdeeds, the aforementioned new McConnell campaign commercial celebrates his mutually supportive relationship with Barkley's grandson, Alben Barkley II.

Does McConnell think everybody has forgotten that Barkley II, as state secretary of agriculture, was involved in a sensational sexual harassment incident? A secretary in the ag commissioner's office, Ann Hester, told the Personnel Board that Barkley once asked her to be his "lover," that he asked to look down her blouse, that he put his arm around her waist and hugged her, and that he often told her she looked "sexy."

McConnell is being endorsed for re-election in his TV ads by a man the Personnel Board found guilty of sexual harassment -- in the same case that became infamous when ag official Gerald Deatherage was required to apologize to female employees for a joking reference to the "little man in the boat." (Used in a salacious way, that's a reference to a part of the female sex organs.)

One election down, another under way. Isn't politics fun?