Sunday, November 11, 2007

Message To Mitch: 101,328 Is A Little More Than 1

Yes, that is nearly 30,000 more votes than the McConnell puppet Anne Northup carried in the 2007 primary. Of course, when you consider what happened outside of Louisville, the vote for Fletcher/Rudolph was a blowout of historic proportions.

Its not even close. The votes outside of Louisville aren't there for McConnell. The next U.S. Senator from Kentucky will be Larry Forgy. The Associated Press reports:

But McConnell could face a challenge from his own ranks.

Republican Larry Forgy, who barely lost to Democrat Paul Patton in the 1995 gubernatorial election, is considering a Senate run next year as an independent.

Forgy believes McConnell and some other top Republicans abandoned Fletcher, who was indicted during his term on misdemeanor charges that he rewarded politically connected Republicans with jobs at the expense of Democrats. The charges were dropped in a settlement with prosecutors, and Fletcher later maintained the investigation was a witch hunt.

McConnell was silent about Fletcher during the probe and later when the governor fought off a tough challenge from former U.S. Rep. Anne Northup in the GOP primary.

The senator made a few appearances with Fletcher during the fall campaign, saying the governor had done a fine job and deserved another term. Forgy said the damage was already done, and largely blamed McConnell and a few others for the divisive primary.

Some of Forgy's critics have dismissed him as a "one-man party." Forgy replied that "I'd rather be a one-man party than a party of one man. And the bottom line is McConnell needs some critics. If I am one, then that's the way it is."