Thursday, November 15, 2007

McConnell Furious That Robbie Rudolph Refuses To Endorse Him

Reports are that Mitch McConnell and his Louisville liberal camp of Anne Northup and Ted Jackson are furious that Robbie Rudolph refuses to go on the record with his support for McConnell's reelection. After desperately scrambling to gain Rudolph's support, the word is that McConnell is now threatening Republicans who join Rudolph and Stan Cave in supporting Larry Forgy's campaign. Governor Fletcher did a superb job at fulfilling his commitment to the backstabbing McConnell by saying he supports McConnell in a primary but of course he did not say he'd support McConnell when Larry Forgy runs as an independent.

Mitch is getting desperate and was steaming after the Governor went on to say he doesn't have the time to discourage Forgy from making a bid! While Robbie Rudolph and others from the Fletcher camp are currently laying the groundwork for Forgy behind the scenes, look for several of them to come out publicly in the coming months.