Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rudolph, Cave Continue Laying Groundwork For Forgy Campaign

In phone calls leading up to the Republican Central Committee meeting today and in private meetings around the event, Robbie Rudolph, Stan Cave, and the Club for Growth are sending signals to Governor Fletcher supporters to keep up the work for Larry Forgy. Make no mistake that public calls for unity were simply concessions to the Louisville liberal Mitch McConnell for his appearance at fundraisers during the general election.

However, Larry Forgy gave Mitch an ultimatum: Deliver votes in your hometown of Louisville for Governor Fletcher. The Louisville liberal McConnell failed to deliver.

In even further updates, we are getting word that it is not only the Fletcher faction that is withholding support for McConnell: Billy Harper has refused to give McConnell his endorsement as well and could deliver significant votes in McCracken County and Western Kentucky for Forgy.

Even more shocking, reports are the McConnell's own daughter is not supporting his reelection campaign as well. More to come...