Monday, November 12, 2007

McConnell Airs Ad With Convicted Sexual Harasser

The Louisville liberal McConnell has truly reached a new low. No folks, this latest stunt did not feature our beloved Alben Barkley. McConnell's new ad featured Alben Barkley II, a convicted sexual harasser. The liberal blog Huffington Post reports:

The problem: Barley II is not world's best spokesperson.

Back in 1981, the Barkley grandson was convicted of sexually harassing a young secretary. According to an April 7 UPI article from that year:

"Alben W. Barkley II, [then] 36, asked his secretary, Ann Hester, to be his lover, asked to look down her dress on several occasions, once hugged her, and commented she looked 'sexy.''"

The Nutroots better not get too excited on their blogs. Kentucky's conservatives have an alternative. We have Larry Forgy.