Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Heritage Foundation Leader Hammers Mitch McConnell Again

Robert Bluey is doing the good work on behalf of conservatives around Kentucky and the United States whop are fed up with the Louisville liberal Mitch McConnell's tax and spend agenda that will run up the debt of our childrens' generation for years to come:
It’s hard to understand why Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was so shortsighted. In exchange for giving up his coveted earmarks, McConnell could have held the growth of government to 2% next year. Instead, it will increase between 4% to 5% under the omnibus. Even House Minority Leader Roy Blunt admitted today during a lunch with conservative bloggers that a continuing resolution would have been catastrophic for the Democrats in comparison to the omnibus.

For as frustrating as it is to watch McConnell roll over, what’s even more disappointing is that President Bush is willing to sign a bill (assuming troop funding for Iraq is added) that violates so many of the principles he’s been fighting for all year. The bill is nearly $20 billion more than Bush’s top-line numberwhen “emergencies” are factored in and comes nowhere close to slashing pork projects in half.