Monday, December 24, 2007

The Wall Street Journal Goes After Mitch McConnell

The Wall Street Journal is now joining the Washington Times and other national conservative-leaning news outlets that are committed to outing the hypocrisy of the Louisville liberal Mitch McConnell. With the Club for Growth leading the way, Mitch McConnell will finally be called out for his irresponsible tax and spend agenda:
Asked by CNBC's Larry Kudlow last week about earmarks, GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell replied that, "Well, there certainly have been some bad earmarks in the past. But you've got to remember, you can knock out all the earmarks, and it wouldn't save any money."

Well, $7.4 billion is real money where we come from, and that misses the way in which earmarks have become opportunities for corruption (felon Duke Cunningham) and an incentive for logrolling that increases overall spending. Mr. Bush and the GOP can take one more step toward restoring their fiscal credentials by striking a blow against "nonlegislative" earmarks.