Monday, December 17, 2007

Why Is Mitch McConnell Terrified of Governor Mike Huckabee?

Governor Huckabee is a preacher.
Nobody seems to know the last time Mitch McConnell went to church.

Governor Huckabee represents family values.
Mitch McConnell's own daughter does not even speak to him.

Governor Huckabee opposed the Bush/McConnell amnesty bill.
Mitch McConnell tried to shove a bill giving amnesty to illegal aliens down our throats.

Governor Huckabee will create a Veterans Bill of Rights.
Mitch McConnell thinks its OK when "professional soldiers" are killed.

Governor Huckabee believes in balancing the budget and fiscal responsibility.
Mitch McConnell support pushed Senate legislation in support of Las Vegas casino gambling.

Governor Huckabee sounds a lot more like Larry Forgy, dont you think?...