Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sore Loser McConnell Still Refuses To Endorse Fletcher/Forgy-Backed Webb-Edgington

You would think the Louisville liberal Mitch McConnell would have learned his lesson after the backlash he experienced from conservatives when he undermined Governor Fletcher. But now McConnell is at it again. After his former aide Kelly White lost the nomination for the northern Kentucky special election to Alecia Webb-Edgington, we heard that McConnell supporters were hesitant to rally around the campaign. Now we know why: Mitch McConnell is still refusing to lift a finger for our conservative nominee, Alecia Webb-Edgington. Not surprising that the Louisville liberal McConnell refuses to endorse her:
Endorsements like these are fairly routine in contested races, but a list of the some GOP heavy hitters are supporting Republican Alecia Webb-Edgington in Kenton County's Jan. 8 special statehouse election.
Wheres Mitch? Looks like the Kentucky Republican Party is going to have to support another Larry Forgy backed candidate without the help of Mitch McConnell.