Monday, August 6, 2007

Alessi: Forgy Issues Warning To Mitch McConnell

Ryan Alessi's column today in the Lexington Herald-Leader included a stern warning from Larry Forgy to Mitch McConnell that the Louisville liberal McConnell better deliver votes for Governor Fletcher in his hometown:

Among the 135 names on the list for the Aug. 28 event at the Lexington home of Dr. Russell and Jill Travis is Larry Forgy, a former GOP gubernatorial candidate and ardent Fletcher supporter who has criticized McConnell for not sticking up for the governor.

Forgy, who hasn't ruled out challenging McConnell in a primary next spring, said he's waiting to see what McConnell will do to promote Fletcher this fall, especially in the senator's hometown.

"He can be very helpful in Louisville," Forgy said.

It is no secret that McConnell's backstabbing of the Governor by recruiting Anne Northup to run against him has damaged his support in Louisville. Now, it is up to the Louisville liberal McConnell to deliver votes for Governor Fletcher in his hometown or he will face his own defeat to a true conservative, Larry Forgy, in 2008.