Thursday, August 23, 2007

Alessi: Forgy Set To Face McConnell At Fletcher Event

Ryan Alessi of the Lexington Herald Leader has a piece that will be amusing to many supporters of Ernie Fletcher and Larry Forgy, in which he notes that Mitch McConnell is finally attending one of their fundraising events. Of course, the Louisville liberal is now so belittled that his presence is a mere afterthought to which pundits are speculating to whether he will continue his childish backstabbing ways or acknowledge the man that will unseat him, Larry Forgy:

Perhaps most interesting about Tuesday's event in Lexington is that former GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Forgy will be one of the fund-raiser's co-hosts. Having Forgy, McConnell and Fletcher all together should make for an interesting evening, especially in light of Forgy fanning the flames about a potential challenge to McConnell next year.

Forgy, most recently, was quoted in a Washington Times story on Monday talking about the problems McConnell faces even among Kentucky Republicans as he prepares for his 2008 re-election.

“The average Kentuckian feels we are giving away this country with both hands — jobs are going, essentially the primacy of the people who made this country great is going, and Mitch McConnell is lumped with the Washington types on this,” Forgy told the newspaper.

Forgy has been an outspoken supporter of Fletcher throughout the governor's term -- especially during the state hiring investigation that led to indictments, pardons and more indictments. McConnell, during that time, remained publicly mute about Fletcher and declined to endorse him before expressing doubt about the governor's re-election chances.

Fletcher, meanwhile, has stopped short of endorsing McConnell's re-election.