Monday, August 27, 2007

Herald-Leader: Anti-Gambling Forgy Hammers Vegas Moneyman Mitch

The Lexington Herald Leader ran another column today showing exactly why conservatives need to rally behind Larry Forgy and send Benedict McConnell back to Louisville:

Forgy has been rumbling all summer about potentially challenging McConnell, and last week he lobbed criticism at McConnell in a Washington Times article...

Forgy maintains that his frustration with McConnell stems from the senator's reluctance to endorse Fletcher during the GOP primary and unwillingness last week to echo Fletcher's opposition to casino gambling, which is the main message of the governor's re-election campaign.

"The reason I have strong feelings about Sen. McConnell is the way he's treated Gov. Fletcher. It's that simple. If he helps Gov. Fletcher in this campaign and doesn't sit down on him over there in Louisville, then he doesn't have a problem with me," Forgy said.

The grassroots need to make it clear: it is not enough for the Louisville liberal McConnell to show up at a few events after he splintered the Republican Party in half. Over half of the Northup/McConnell voters are currently supporting Steve Beshear. If Mitch McConnell does not turn out these voters for Governor Fletcher and if he keeps refusing to back the Governor on fighting against gambling, then we should rally behind a true conservative and send McConnell packing back to Louisville in May.