Friday, August 17, 2007

Nunn Should Get Behind Larry Forgy

There has been much speculation as to what former state Rep. Steve Nunn will do in the Republican 2008 Senate campaign. Reports were that Nunn was none too pleased with former Rep. Larry Hopkins comments during the Governor's primary:
The party "had been so divided by Louie Nunn (a former governor who backed Forgy) and Larry Forgy, it was just impossible to put back together," Hopkins said.
Everyone knows these comments were ludicrous, since it was McConnell who tore the Republican Party apart, not only in 2003, but also in 1999 when he went back on his word of staying neutral:
Nunn said McConnell had told him he would remain neutral in the GOP primary, but Fletcher's selection of Bates "gives the appearance that McConnell is right in the middle of all this, and it's contrary to what he has said at least twice to me."
Governor Louie Nunn was a strong backer of Larry Forgy in his race against Larry Hopkins, but it is not a given that Rep. Steve Nunn will stay out of the Senate race and endorse Forgy. Remember that Steve Nunn is far more moderate than the true conservative Forgy, and Governor Nunn endorsed Bob Gable in the 1995 primary, recording a hard-hitting radio ad against Forgy. However, it is a good sign that Rep. Nunn has so far refused to endorse McConnell, and with some encouragement, he may be able to be persuaded to stay out of the race and back Larry Forgy for the Republican nomination in 2008.