Wednesday, August 15, 2007

WKYT's Bryant: Forgy Keeps Door Open For Senate Campaign

Bill Bryant reported this week that Larry Forgy is still considering a Senate campaign against Mitch McConnell this spring. Its more important than ever to encourage Forgy to run, now that polls are making it clear that the showboating McConnell is all talk and is doing nothing to help turn out the Northup/McConnell supporters in Louisville for Governor Fletcher:


Former Republican candidate for governor Larry Forgy is still indicating he could mount a primary challenge to McConnell next May. Forgy says he wouldn’t have to decide until after the November election and says it will depend on how vigorously McConnell supports Governor Fletcher’s re-election bid. Forgy disavows personal connection to signs boosting him for the senate seat at Fancy Farm and to a Draft Forgy website. But he is aware of those and other efforts to entice him into the race.

After narrowly losing the 1995 governor’s race to Democrat Paul Patton, Forgy went on to lose a race for the Kentucky Supreme Court. But he has remained active in politics and has frequently advised Fletcher.

McConnell, who has already raised millions for his race for a fifth term in 2008, is expecting a tough challenge next year.