Friday, August 31, 2007

RNC Forced To Call For Craig's Resignation After McConnell's Lack Of Leadership

The RNC took steps yesterday to pressure Larry Craig to resign from the Senate after Republican leader (at least for the time being) Mitch McConnell refused to call for Craig's resignation:
The Republican National Committee took the unusual step Thursday of drafting statements calling on Craig to resign, GOP aides said, a rare move to force the third-term senator out.
Several Senators were outspoken on the need for Craig to resign, and reports are heating up that this was the icing on the cake for Conservative Senators who have been trying to gather support to replace McConnell as leader. Conservative Senators are already saying if this were a war, McConnell should be tried for "dereliction of duty." If Conservative Senators now force Craig out after McConnell refused, the Louisville liberal McConnell will look extremely weak.