Wednesday, August 15, 2007

WHAS's Hebert: Forgy Still Exploring Senate Campaign

Mark Hebert reported today that Larry Forgy is still exploring a primary challenge to the Louisville liberal Mitch McConnell. Forgy is now making it clear that if Mitch does not turn out the Northup/McConnell voters that are now supporting Beshear, McConnell can expect to be sitting in Louisville on the sidelines in May:
Larry Forgy wouldn't rule out, or in, a run against Mitch McConnell next year when I asked him about that prospect at the Fancy Farm picnic. Forgy says he's glad to hear McConnell is helping Gov. Fletcher's reelection bid and the senator's help is really needed in Jefferson County where Fletcher is particularly weak. In response, McConnell told reporters "I have nothing to say to Larry Forgy."