Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Courier-Journal: McConnell's secret

The Courier-Journal editorial board slammed Mitch McConnell today for harming our freedom of speech and allowing a secret hold to be placed on conservative Sen. John Cornyn's open government legislation. It would not be surprising if, Numbers USA, or another conservative group comes in with another round of TV ads exposing McConnell's hypocrisy once again:
It's our nation's birthday -- the anniversary of our freedoms. It's also the 40-year anniversary of the landmark federal Freedom of Information Act going into effect.

Sadly, Sen. Mitch McConnell celebrated early by maneuvering to block your access to information that would make you a better-informed citizen and a better-prepared voter. He's doing what he can to squelch a bill, S. 223, that would mandate the electronic filing of campaign finance reports...

Our senior senator presumably was jubilant over last week's shameful U.S. Supreme Court decision, gutting the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform, which he thoroughly despises. He's always said what's needed is not laws like that, which he charges restrict political speech, but rather full and swift disclosure of who is giving what to whom.

If so, then why is he playing games to thwart a legislative effort aimed at exactly that?