Wednesday, July 18, 2007

McConnell Undercutting General Petraeus After He Uses Him For Cover

Fred Barnes has an interesting story in the Weekly Standard in which it becomes clear that Mitch McConnell is using General Petraeus for cover. McConnell has repeatedly said that we need to wait until we hear from the Generals on the ground:
At least until September, he told me, "the president and the military are going to have total latitude." It's in September that General David Petraeus will report to Washington about the success of the so-called "surge" of American forces in Iraq. That's "the critical moment," McConnell said.
However, McConnell is now saying that he doesn't care what the Petraeus report says:
McConnell said he doesn't know what Petraeus will say in September..."I don't know what's going to happen in September," he said. But if there's a stampede by Senate Republicans defecting on Iraq, he said, "No, I'm not going to lead it."
We already know the Louisville liberal will not be leading the Republicans on anything. In fact, it appears he is headed to a no-confidence vote by Republican Senators after his failure to lead on amnesty and now disappearing during the Iraq debate. By saying he will refuse to support a change in strategy even if recommended by General Petraeus, McConnell is undercutting our Generals on the ground. Its time for Larry Forgy to step up and provide the Republican Party with real leadership and give us someone who stops saying one thing at home and doing another in Washington.