Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Even John David Dyche Acknowledges Conservative Anger At McConnell

The great conservative columnist John David Dyche is typically one of Mitch McConnell's strongest supporters. Not today. Even Dyche noted that conservatives are infuriated with McConnell after the Louisville liberal pushed Teddy Kennedy's amnesty bill through the Senate only to vote against it after enough votes were cast to ensure it would fail:
Leading a divided conference, Republican leader Mitch McConnell wanted a fair process and passable product. He backed amendments toughening the bill, but fled it when failure became clear. Having supported an even laxer immigration measure last year and facing re-election next, McConnell must appease considerable conservative anger over his perceived apostasy. He may try attaching border enforcement amendments to other legislation soon.
McConnell can introduce all the legislation he wants. But Kentucky's conservatives will not forget how he has turned his back on us. Larry Forgy said he would give Mitch McConnell one last chance to deliver for the Governor. Instead, Mitch McConnell abandoned Governor Fletcher once again, while running around Washington, D.C. with Teddy Kennedy.