Tuesday, July 24, 2007

McConnell Approval Rating Among Conservatives Falls 12 Points In July

Can you even imagine how much farther the Louisville liberal's rating will be when he is exposed by Larry Forgy? McConnell has fooled Kentucky's conservatives for years by saying one thing in Kentucky and doing another in Washington. Now its time to put this to a stop. According to Survey USA, McConnell's approval numbers among Conservatives have fallen from 77 percent on June 11 to 65 percent on July 16.

In Eastern Kentucky, home of our legendary conservative Congressman Hal Rogers, McConnell's approval rating has now fallen to 42 percent approval and 52 percent disapproval.

In McConnell's hometown of Louisville, his approval numbers have fallen to 44 percent approval (down from 51 percent last month) and 49 percent disapproval (up from 44 percent a month ago).