Tuesday, July 24, 2007

McConnell "Has Some Skeletons In His Closet"

With the entry of Democrat Attorney General Greg Stumbo into the 2008 Senate race, it is more clear than ever that the Republican Party needs a nominee that does not have McConnell's ethical challenges, to provide a clear contrast to Stumbo:

In 2001, a woman sued Stumbo, claiming that he had fathered her child while he was married to another woman and then reneged on an agreement to pay support. A court later ruled that there was no agreement between Stumbo and the woman, but DNA tests proved that the child was Stumbo's. He later began paying support.

In 1991, while opposing tougher drunken-driving laws in the General Assembly, Stumbo pleaded guilty to public intoxication and paid a $100 fine after his car ran into a ditch.

However, McConnell is the last person that will be able to run on ethics as Stumbo made clear:
"I think Senator McConnell has some skeletons in his closet too. If he chooses that route, I promise him that it will be a two-way street."