Monday, July 2, 2007

Novak: Republican Senator Accuses McConnell Of 'Dereliction Of Duty'

We already knew Mitch McConnell lost complete control of the state party when Governor Fletcher trounced him in the May primary. But one more thing is becoming clear: The national party structure is clearing the way for Larry Forgy as well. Bob Novak writes in the Washington Post:

I asked one of the few conservative Republican senators who stuck with President Bush on immigration to assess how Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell handled the issue. Asking not to be quoted by name, he replied: "If this were a war, Sen. McConnell should be relieved of command for dereliction of duty." Not only did the minority leader end up voting against an immigration bill that he said was better than the 2006 version he supported, he abandoned his post, staying off the floor during final stages of the debate.

DeMint and Gingrich gloated because 12 Republican senators who had supported the bill succumbed to pressure and voted against it Thursday -- most without prior explanation -- as McConnell did. He is up for reelection in Kentucky in what will be a difficult 2008 for Republicans, with the state's other GOP senator, Jim Bunning, beating a tattoo on immigration.

McConnell was among six switchers who voted no after the 40 senators needed to kill the bill were recorded.
This is why we need a conservative nominee who can win in 2008: Larry Forgy.