Friday, June 15, 2007

Club For Growth Publishes Senator Coburn's Letter To Mitch McConnell

There have been rumblings that the Club For Growth may target Mitch McConnell in a similar mold to their past efforts against his fellow liberal "Republicans," Lincoln Chafee and Arlen Specter. The Club For Growth recently opened a Kentucky branch, and the national organization ran this letter from Senator Coburn attacking McConnell for spending government funds like he is John Edwards at a beauty salon. Larry Forgy is the perfect candidate for the Club For Growth to back, a true Conservative who can win in 2008:

Dear Senator McConnell,

I am requesting that I be consulted before the Senate enters into any unanimous consent agreements regarding a vote on any resolution or other legislation expressing a lack of confidence in any federal official.

If such a resolution comes before the Senate, I plan to offer an amendment expressing no confidence in Congress’ ability to cut wasteful spending or balance the budget...

Polls have repeatedly found that Americans overwhelmingly oppose new spending, bigger government, and pork barrel politics. Yet Congress has been unable or unwilling to end its addiction to borrowing and spending. Week after week, Congress authorizes billions of dollars of spending on new programs or passes bills larded up with pork barrel projects. Scandal after scandal plagues Congress with nearly every single one connected to the misuse of federal dollars. It is no surprise that the public has a total lack of confidence in Congress, as witnessed by every recent poll.