Sunday, June 24, 2007

McConnell Tries To Have It Both Ways As Conservative TV Attacks Continue In Kentucky

The Louisville liberal continues to think he can play us like fools. As and Numbers USA unleash TV ads attacking Mitch McConnell for pushing Teddy Kennedy's amnesty bill through the Senate, McConnell now claims he is "wavering" on the issue. PoliPundit notes:
McConnell faces re-election next year in Kentucky. He and Sen. Lott (R-Miss.) led the way for the revival of the amnesty this week. But McConnell clearly doesn’t want to take responsibility for this. As I wrote on Thursday, McConnell’s credibility lies with whether he votes NO on the clotures. A NO vote on the final vote on the bill while voting YES on cloture will not free him of any responsibility for any passage that might happen.
So McConnell thinks he is going to twist arms to get Teddy Kennedy's amnesty bill to the floor and then switch his vote once the outcome is decided? Something tells me Kentucky conservatives aren't gonna buy this for a second when we have Larry Forgy speaking out!