Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Right Wing News Blasts Mitch McConnell Over Immigration

Mitch McConnell is clearly shaking in his boots as he turns his back on conservatives once again. The insightful writers over at Right Wing News point out how detrimental the Teddy Kennedy/Mitch McConnell Amnesty Bill truly is to the Republican Party:
If Jimmy Carter were the Republican President in the White House and Harry Reid was the Senate minority leader for the Republican Party, they couldn't come up with a plan that would do more damage to the Republican Party than the one that is being implemented right now by George Bush and Mitch McConnell...

Never has a political party given up so much at such great cost to get so little in return. I guess we should just be thankful at this point that Harry Reid hasn't offered to trade Senate seats for "magic beans," because if he had, there would be 100 Democrats in the Senate while George Bush and Mitch McConnell would be sitting in the rose garden waiting for the first magic beanstalk to pop up.