Wednesday, June 20, 2007

National Conservatives Form New Organization To Support Primary Challenges To Mitch McConnell And Lindsey Graham

Several leading national conservative figures are forming a new group to help back primary challenges to pro-amnesty "Republicans" Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham. The Payback Project has several plans:
If the amnesty bill in the Senate passes, we're going after any Republican Senator up for reelection in 2008 who votes for it. Conservatives put these Senators into office and if they won't listen to us, then we will replace in the primaries with Senators who will.
Leading Republican blogs such as Right Wing News appear to be on board:
This is really about what these Republican Senators like Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Trent Lott, Jon Kyl, etc., seem to think...Now, I am going to work, via the The Payback Project, , to defeat and politically damage as many of these pro-amnesty Republicans as I can in 2008 during the primary season -- assuming the bill passes -- but I'm not going to tell people to vote against these Republicans -- other than Lindsey Graham -- if we can't dispatch them in the primaries.