Friday, June 22, 2007 To Spend Over $200,000 Attacking The McConnell Amnesty Bill

Conservative groups are lining up to put the pressure on the Louisville liberal as he continues to team with Teddy Kennedy and turn his back on Kentucky's conservatives. Remember to encourage these groups to keep up the pressure and support a true conservative, Larry Forgy, in 2008:

As Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), questions his support for the President’s amnesty bill, announces that it is expanding the presence of its “Where’s The Fence?”™ television ad that has been airing in the Senator’s state of Kentucky throughout the week.

“Airing the ad in Kentucky is really mobilizing the blue-grassroots of that great state,” says Steve Elliott, President of “They are taking the no amnesty, border enforcement message directly to Mr. McConnell, and it’s making an impact on him. Frankly, we are thrilled that this champion of the amnesty bill is perhaps preparing to finally listen to his constituents.”

Elliott says the decision to increase airtime in Kentucky is a powerful sign that grassroots pressure does indeed work.

Reminder: Groups should also consider asking McConnell to address his past votes supporting amnesty, including votes to overhaul penalties on workers who hire illegal immigrants.