Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mitch McConnell Sends Desperate Letter Begging Us To Support His Reelection Bid

We just received a pathetic plea of desperation from the Louisville liberal's campaign in which he claims to have built up the Republican grassroots in Kentucky. Of course, Teddy Kennedy's amnesty partner once again tries to masquerade as a conservative, and conveniently leaves out his backstabbing of our conservative Governor:

As one of the most dedicated conservative activists in Kentucky, you know how important the upcoming election is for our state and our nation.

I can't imagine you'll be on the sidelines for this one -- not after everything you've done over the years helping conservatives win against the odds.

And thats exactly why I am writing you. You see, I am facing the most difficult reelection campaign of my career.

Unbelievable. And exactly why would the Louisville liberal think I would support him over a true conservative like Larry Forgy?
Why target a die-hard campaigner like me who has worked his entire political career to build our GOP in Kentucky up from the grassroots level and who will fight this reelection campaign to the bitter end?
Why? Because Mitch McConnell turned his back on Kentucky's conservative movement. Because Mitch McConnell wants to give our jobs to illegal immigrants. Because Mitch McConnell abandoned Governor Fletcher the Kentucky Republican Party.