Sunday, June 17, 2007

CNN: Conservative bloggers in full revolt over immigration

The only question left is whether Mitch McConnell will run as an independent after Larry Forgy takes the Republican nomination? Reports in Nebraska are that a similar option may be on the horizon for Chuck Hagel. To be honest, after the Louisville liberal propped up Anne Northup to undermine Governor Fletcher, I wouldn't put anything past him. He simply turned his back on the conservative base. RedState editor Erick Erickson says he gets 800 to 900 emails a day from conservative activists enraged over the McConnell/Kennedy Amnesty Bill:

When details of an immigration compromise were announced this spring, conservative bloggers were immediately incensed. Michelle Malkinexternal link labeled it "a White House betrayal."

Another popular blogger, Hugh Hewittexternal link, called the bill a "fiasco" and wrote: "this push for this bill is a disaster, Mr. President."

Bloggers: Secure the border first

Conservative bloggers make various arguments against the bill. Some say the bill grants amnesty to illegal immigrants who have already broken the law. Others say normalizing millions of new workers would depress wages and harm American workers...

Blogosphere ready for round two

When the bill was stymied by a procedural vote on June 7, the blogs claimed victory. A straw poll of conservative bloggers conducted by the Web site Right Wing News showed that 96 percent of bloggers surveyed were "pleased that the Senate immigration bill did not pass."