Sunday, June 17, 2007

Right Wing News Pushes Larry Forgy and Jon Bruning

One of the leading national conservative sites reiterated its support Sunday morning for Larry Forgy to challenge Mitch McConnell and for Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning's primary challenge against Chuck Hagel. Bruning is currently trouncing Hagel in the polls and look closely for another potential primary challenge to Oregon Sen. Gordon Smith, who flew the Louisville liberal in for a fundraiser this week. Right Wing News writes:

Folks, next week the immigration bill is coming back and despite the fact that conservatives, Republicans, and the American people overwhelmingly oppose it, the momentum seems to be in its favor.

This bill will be a disaster for the Republican party and more importantly, for America. So, contact your Senators and let them know that your future support for them hinges entirely on whether or not they oppose cloture on this bill.