Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Courier-Journal: More Talk Of Republican Primary Challenge To Mitch McConnell

The Courier-Journal editorial page ran a persuasive letter today urging a strong conservative primary challenge to Mitch mcConnell. While the writer would be better suited to tout Larry Forgy than McConnell's fellow Louisville liberal Anne Northup, who failed numerous times to support for prayer in our schools, this excerpt is intriguing:
The problem of illegal immigrants

McConnell's 'disregard'

Sen. Mitch McConnell once again demonstrated his disregard for his supporters (some now former supporters) in the recent consideration of rewarding illegal behavior (aka, immigration reform).

Perhaps The Courier-Journal can convince Anne Northup to challenge McConnell in next year's Republican primary. If not, I hope someone with conservative values will challenge him.

Perhaps a Republican who runs a good statewide campaign this year could make a good challenger for McConnell next year.